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HESI EXIT EXAM TEST BANK. HESI RN/HESI PN Exit Exam. (Contains 626 Most Tested Exit Exam Questions)

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HESI EXIT EXAM TEST BANK. HESI RN/HESI PN Exit Exam. 1. An older adult resident of a long-term care facility has a 5-year history of hypertension. The client has a headache and rate the pain 5 on a ... pain scale 0 to 10. The client’s blood pressure is currently 142/89. Which interventions should the nurse implement? (Select all that apply) 2. The nurse mixes 250 mg of D5W dobutamine and plans to administer the solution at a rate of 15 mcg/kg/minute to a client weighing 110 pounds. The nurse should set the infusion pump to administer how many ml per hour? (Enter numeric value only rounding is required, round to the nearest whole number) 3. Several days after having a computed tomography scan (CT scan) with contrast for lower abdominal pain, an older male adult is admitted with acute kidney injury (AKI). The client’s urinary output is 10ml/hour, his heart rate is 125 beats/minute, and basilar crackles are audible. Which laboratory value in the client’s electronic record requires intervention by the nurse? 4. A male client is admitted to the hospital with a medical diagnosis of peptic ulcers. The nurse should inform the client that he is most likely to experience the greatest pain and discomforting which situation? 5. 5. A client in the third trimester of pregnancy reports that she feels some "lumpy places" in her breasts and that her nipples sometimes leak a yellowish fluid. She has an appointment with her healthcare provider in two weeks. What action should the nurse take? 6. The charge nurse is planning for the shift and has a registered nurse (RN) and a practical nurse (PN) on the team, Which client should the charge nurse assign to the RN? 7. A client who had a small bowel resection acquired methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) while hospitalized. He treated and released but is readmitted today because of diarrhea and dehydration. It is most important for the nurse to implement which intervention. 8. A preeclamptic client who delivered 24h ago remains in the labor and delivery recovery room. She continues to receive magnesium sulfate at 2 grams per hour. Her total input is limited to 125 ml per hour, and her urinary output for the last hour was 850 ml. What intervention should the nurse implement? 9. While a child is hospitalized with acute glomerulonephritis, the parents ask why blood pressure readings are taken so often. Which response by the nurse is most accurate? 10. A male client is admitted with a severe asthma attack. For the last 3 hours he has experienced increasing shortness of breath His arterial blood gas results are pH 7. 22, PaCO, 55 mmHg, HCO, 25 mEq/l or mmol/L. Which intervention should the nurse implement? 11. An older adult client is admitted to the stroke unit after recovery from the acute phrase of an ischemic cerebral vascular accident (CAV). Which interventions should the nurse include in the plan of care during convalescence and rehabilitation? (Select all that apply.) 12. A female client with a history of heart failure (HF) arrives at the clinic after what she describes as a very long trip. Following the initial physical assessment and chart review, which prior action should the nurse implement? (click on each chart for additional information. Please be sure to scroll to the bottom right corner of each tab to view all information contained in the client's medical record) [Show More]

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