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WGU C425 Healthcare Delivery Systems. Questions and answers, rated A+.

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WGU C425 Healthcare Delivery Systems. Questions and answers, rated A+. Barriers to care: patient is pregnant and hasn't sought any medical care - ✔✔-Set up prenatal visits Barriers to care: pat... ient has limited English - ✔✔-translator or bilingual staff member Primary barrier for low-income families - ✔✔-cost of care Solution when patient has condition that has not or cannot be treated locally - ✔✔-coordinate telemedicine with a specialist Practical option for clients missing appointments - ✔✔-call the patient the day before the appointment Solution for patients with disability that prevents them from making appointments - ✔✔-home healthcare Barriers to care: residents of rural areas - ✔✔-limited number of primary care physicians Barriers to cost control: billing discrepancies like up-coding - ✔✔-fraud Upcoding - ✔✔-billing for a service at a higher level than was actually provided Price fixing - ✔✔-the practice of colluding with other firms to control prices Compliance mapping - ✔✔-setting up systems and processes to comply with the various regulations Inefficiency of system where patients must travel elsewhere for tests/treatments - ✔✔-access to comprehensive care Barriers to care: loss of insurance - ✔✔-- limited access - increased costs Low-cost solution for facility with poor staff-to-patient ratios. e.g. nurses are extremely busy - ✔✔-develop a team-based approach to care delivery Protocol when being interrupted with another issue while busy working on existing issue e.g. nurse is accepting an order on the phone but another physician interrupts and gives a different order - ✔✔-resolve the first issue first Inefficiencies of current US healthcare system e.g. over the past 10 years the US healthcare system has begun experiencing a lack of resources and complex payment systems - ✔✔-- lack of alignment among payers - continued use of fee-for-service payment Health professionals impacted by increased preventative care e.g. the affordable care act intended to increase preventative care - ✔✔-primary care physicians Effects of a shortage of primary care providers - ✔✔-- increase patient wait time - decrease patient access to care Effect of emphasizing evidence-based care - ✔✔-data from patient satisfaction surveys can be analyzed using technology in order to improve quality of care. Mandatory reading of hospital and unit policies before first day of work - ✔✔-regulatory compliance Economic factors for aging patients e.g. elderly patients gradually lose their independence - ✔✔-bed availability may decrease and have a major effect on patient admittance. Effect of implementing a telemedicine program - ✔✔-increases the exchange of knowledge which is occurring between providers Reduce costs without reducing quality of care - ✔✔-Outsourcing the reading of lab results to an organization offshore Effect of physician shortage e.g. a rural farming town is facing a physician shortage - ✔✔-timely diagnosis of health problems will decrease Effect of advances in gene therapy for cancer treatment - ✔✔-an increase in alternative choices for patients Strategy to compete with Medical Tourism - ✔✔-reduce the price of healthcare services in the U.S. while improving quality Strategy for financially struggling rural hospital - ✔✔-affiliation with a larger teaching hospital for cross referrals Effect of valid diagnostic tests for mental health patients - ✔✔-insurance coverage for mental illness will be similar to physical illness Unintended consequence of cost-effective interventions - ✔✔-practitioners will lose the ability to apply treatment alternatives Effects of improved preventative care - ✔✔-- longer life spans - decreased medical costs Patient's next step after being denied by insurance for an important treatment or test - ✔✔-seek legal advice Patient advocate - ✔✔-one who speaks for and protects the righ [Show More]

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