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WGU - C715 Organizational Behavior - MCQ 2. Top Exam Questions and answers, graded A+

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WGU - C715 Organizational Behavior - MCQ 2. Top Exam Questions and answers, graded A+ Which of the following is true regarding formal groups? A) They are natural formations that arise in response... to the need for social contact. B) They lack clearly defined structures and roles for their members. C) They have negligible impact on employee performance and behavior. D) A group of people who come together to protest against a new law make up a formal group. E) They are marked by stipulated behaviors in pursuit of organizational goals. - ✔✔-E Our tendency to take personal pride or offense for the accomplishments of a group we are a part of is the territory of the ________ theory. A) social exchange B) expectancy C) social identity D) reinforcement E) equity - ✔✔-C Most people assume that police officers should behave in a lawful manner, refrain from demonstrating favoritism to any particular group, and do their best to uphold the law. Which of the following terms best represents these beliefs? A) diversity B) similarity C) role expectation D) uncertainty reduction E) dispersion of responsibility - ✔✔-C Michael is devout and very active in his church. He is also a very dedicated employee. His manager offers him a promotion, but the new role will require him to work Sundays. Michael would like the promotion but realizes that it would force him to miss some church activities. In this situation, Michael is most likely to experience ________. A) role conflict B) social loafing C) groupthink D) role fuzziness E) groupshift - ✔✔-A ________ refers to the adjustment of one's behavior to align with the norms of the group. A) Deviance B) Conflict C) Divergence D) Conformity E) Appearance - ✔✔-D According to status characteristics theory, which of the following factors does not determine status? A) control over the resources needed by the group B) contribution to goals C) ability to conform to group norms D) personality E) talent - ✔✔-C Which of the following is an effective means of countering social loafing? A) increasing the rewards the group is given if it succeeds B) increasing the amount by which the group's progress is monitored C) ensuring that individual contributions to the group's outcome are identified D) increasing the size of the group E) increasing the group's workload - ✔✔-C ________ refers to the degree to which members are attracted to each other and motivated to stay in the group. A) Assertiveness B) Social dominance C) Authoritativeness D) Cohesiveness E) Diversity - ✔✔-D When compared to individual decision making, group decision making has a disadvantage in the area of ________. A) diversity B) creativity C) acceptance of final solutions D) speed E) accuracy - ✔✔-D Which of the following steps can be taken by a manager to minimize groupthink? A) increase the group size B) encourage group leaders to develop a stronger sense of group identity C) prevent all team members from engaging in a critical evaluation of ideas at the beginning D) ask the group members to first focus on the positives of an alternative rather than the negatives E) seek input from employees before the group leader presents his or her opinions - ✔✔-E In discussing a given set of alternatives and arriving at a solution, group members tend to exaggerate the initial positions they hold. This phenomenon is call [Show More]

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WGU C715 Organizational Behavior - Chaptesr Motivational Behavior, Top Exam Questions and answers, graded A+

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