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RN HESI EXIT/HESI Exit RN Exam Version 4(V4) Real/Actual/ Authentic Exam Latest Updates |Rated A+| Questions With Answers (ANSWERS KEY| Guarantee A+ Score | 2023

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RN HESI EXIT/HESI Exit RN Exam Version 4(V4) Real/Actual/ Authentic Exam Latest Updates |Rated A+| Questions With Answers (ANSWERS KEY| Guarantee A+ Score | 2023 Contents HESI RN EXIT EXAM VERSION 4... (V4) REAL/ACTUAL EXAM QUESTIONS 1 ANSWERS KEY 34 NB: -All Questions Have Correct Answers (ANSWERS KEY) from page 34 -Only First Five (5) Questions are Highlighted, So that you Can Rate Yourself with the Remaining Questions that are not highlighted -Verify Your Answers with (ANSWERS KEY) HESI RN EXIT EXAM VERSION 4 (V4) REAL/ACTUAL EXAM QUESTIONS Multiple choices 1. An adult woman who has a history of inferior myocardial infarction, esophageal reflux, and type 1 diabetes mellitus is admitted to the telemetry unit for sudden onset of dizziness with palpitations and a burning sensation in her chest. Which intervention should the nurse implement first? a. Evaluate telemetry cardiac rhythm b. Administer an oral antacid c. Assess blood glucose level d. Review clients last meal choices 2. When conducting diet teaching for a client who was diagnosed with a myocardial infarction, which snack foods should the nurse encourage the client to eat? Select all that apply. a. Chicken bouillon soup and toast b. Fresh vegetables with mayonnaise dip c. Fresh Turkey slices and berries d. Raw unsalted almonds and apples e. Soda crackers and peanut butter 3. A male client who is experiencing musculoskeletal pain is discharged with instructions to take ibuprofen, on non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug by mouth BID. After receiving discharge teaching, the client states he plans to take the medication twice daily, with breakfast and dinner. How should the nurse respond? a. Review the need to limit intake of leafy, green vegetables such as spinach b. Confirm that the client has an effective plan for when to take the medication c. Explain the need to take the medication before meals to increase absorption d. Remind the client to increase fluid intake while taking the medication 4. A client at 28 weeks' gestation is admitted to the obstetrical unit following her involvement in a motor vehicle collision. After stabilizing the client, the nurse obtains a fetal monitor reading. What action should the nurse take if fetal tachycardia is assessed on the monitor? a. Recount the heart rate manually to confirm a monitor malfunction b. Contact the health care provider after initiating oxygen per face mask c. Explain that there is no indication the fetal heart rate is due to trauma d. Evaluate the presence of preterm labor by performing a vaginal examination 5. Four hours after the nurse administers interferon alpha subcutaneously into a client, the client develops a headache, muscle aches and a fever of 101.8 degrees Fahrenheit. What action should the nurse implement? a. Administer prescribed PRN dose of acetaminophen for these side effects b. Explain that an antihistamine may be needed in response to this allergic reaction c. Document these findings as an idiosyncratic response to this medication d. Observed the site where the medication was injected for signs of local reaction [Show More]

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