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American Heart Association CPR Test Already Passed When should you use an AED on someone? ✔✔When the person doesn't respond and isn't breathing or is only gasping. When you are using an AED, h... ow do you know where to place the pads? ✔✔The pad placement will be shown on the pad or pad packages. If you are performing CPR on someone and the AED arrives, what do you do? ✔✔Immediately stop CPR, turn on the AED and follow the prompts. If a child who is choking cannot make a sound or breathe, or has a cough with no sound, what should you do? ✔✔Begin the steps to help the choking child. The chance of saving the life of a victim of cardiac arrest is best when you combine what things? ✔✔Start early CPR combined with the use of an AED within a few minutes. What is the most important part of using a mask to give breaths? ✔✔Making sure there is an airtight seal between that person's face and yours. You are doing CPR on a child when someone else arrives with the AED. The AED does not have children's pads. What should you do? ✔✔Use the adult pads. When performing adult CPR, to push hard and fast, you must push down, and at what rate? ✔✔Push down at least two inches at a rate of 100 compressions per minute. When performing each set of CPR, what is the ratio of compressions to breaths? ✔✔30 compressions, 2 breaths. What should you do if you tap and shot and the adult doesn't respond? ✔✔Phone, or have someone else phone the proper authorities, and give and AED if it is available. When giving breaths, what should you watch for? ✔✔The chest to rise and lower with each breath. If you find someone on the floor who is not responding and not breathing and you made sure the scene was safe and sent for help and an AED, what should you do next? ✔✔Begin 30 compressions followed by 2 breaths. Continue until an AED arrives. Why do you think CPR on children is often not performed correctly? ✔✔The rescuer does not push down hard enough. A child should also receive 2 inch compressions. What is the most important part of the CPR process? ✔✔Compressions. [Show More]

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