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American Heart Association CPR Written Exam (2022/2023) (Already Passed) How many parts are there in CPR? ✔✔4 parts - Airway, breathing, circulation, defibrillation What is the importance of re... coil during compressions? ✔✔It enables heart refilling. What may occur in an incomplete recoil during compressions? ✔✔A reduction in the level of blood flow will occur, which chest compressions create. How far should a rescuer press down on an adult victim, when giving CPR with each compression? ✔✔2 inches or 5 centimeters Duration needed for delivering a regular breath? ✔✔1 second How many compressions must be delivered within 1 minute when giving adult CPR? ✔✔100 compressions What is the ratio of compression - ventilation for an infant or child CPR? ✔✔30:2 What is the ratio of compression - ventilation for adult CPR? ✔✔30:2 As a rescuer, you must try minimizing interruptions that to less than how many seconds? ✔✔10 seconds When one man adult CPR is being performed, what should be the duration for checking the breathing of the victim? ✔✔Minimum 5 seconds and maximum of 10 seconds (not more, not less!) When giving CPR to children and adolescent, how far should you pressing down on the victim? ✔✔1/3 - ½ of the chest with every compression Give definition of cardiac arrest ✔✔Absence of cardiac mechanical activity When is the time CPR is highly effective? ✔✔immediately after a victim collapses What causes cardiac arrest on the most common level? ✔✔Respiratory arrest What are the 2 CPR indications? ✔✔Respiratory and Cardiac Arrests. Give definition of respiratory arrest. ✔✔Absence of breathing, with the presence of pulse. Give Chain of Survival's four components? ✔✔Early access, early defibrillation, early CPR, early advanced care. How many seconds are required for the completion of one CPR cycle? ✔✔22 seconds. What age group infants fall into? ✔✔1 month old - 12 months old What age group children fall into? ✔✔1 year old - 14 years of age While dining with a friend they suddenly grab their throat and cannot speak or make any sound. You ask if they are choking and they nod their head to indicate "yes". How should you proceed? ✔✔Perform a series of rapid abdominal thrusts. A contractor is working on your home. He is electrocuted when his ladder touches a power line. He falls approximately 15′ on to soft grass. The scene is safe. The power line is intact and the ladder fell away from the patient. The patient is unconscious. An AED has been connected and advises that a shock should be delivered to the patient. What should you do? ✔✔Ensure everyone is clear of the patient and then deliver the shock. While performing CPR your chest compressions should be: ✔✔Hard and fast, with as few interruptions as possible. You are helping an adult male who was thrown off a snow mobile at 50 MPH. He is unconscious and does not appear to be breathing. He does have a strong pulse. There is blood visible on both legs. How should you open the airway to give rescue breaths? ✔✔Jaw thrust, without tilting the neck While in a store you see someone suddenly collapse. The victim is a middle-aged woman who is not responding, unconscious, and gasping occasionally. What is the most likely cause and appropriate treatment? ✔✔Sudden Cardiac Arrest - [CPR, Defibrillation with an AED] What is the first link in the adult "chain of survival"? ✔✔Early recognition You are babysitting an 8 month old child who is crawling on the floor when they suddenly starts coughing and gagging. What should you do? ✔✔Closely observe the child in case the symptoms worsen, at which time you must take action What is the proper hand position when performing chest compressions on a 6 year old? ✔✔With one or two hands, lower half of breast bone If you are performing CPR on a child and their chest does not rise with the first breath, what should you do? ✔✔Adjust the airway and give your second breath You are a school counsellor and enter an empty classroom to find two 11 year olds, one of whom is unconscious, appears blue, and has labored gasping breathing. The victim's friend tells you she collapsed after playing the "choking game". What do you need to do? ✔✔Send the friend to call for help and check for a carotid pulse Which airway obstruction is the most common one? ✔✔Tongue How will a rescuer check the responsiveness of a victim? ✔✔Gently shake the victim's shoulders and ask loudly, "are you alright?" What technique is used for clearing the airway of the victim? ✔✔Lift chin up, tilt head back What rule should a rescuer keep in mind when giving compressions? ✔✔1 hand, 1 inch for children ½ hand, ½ inch for infants 2 hands, 2 inches for adults For circulation, where should you check the victim's pulse? ✔✔Carotid artery in a child. Brachial artery in an infant. Carotid artery in an adult. What should you do to check if a victim is still breathing or not? ✔✔Listen for exhaled air. Feel for exhaled air. Watch for his chest to rise and fall. What should you do if a victim is not responsive? ✔✔Dial 911 before performing CPR If a victim has dentures, what should you do? ✔✔Leave them if they are positioned properly What you should do once you have dial 911 for reporting a cardiac arrest? ✔✔Unlock the door and start CPR What is the recovery position? ✔✔Placing the victim on his or her side [Show More]

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