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Why are preschool-age children at a higher risk for foodborne illnesses? ✔✔They have not built up strong immune systems Which is a TCS food? ✔✔Sprouts The 5 common mistakes that can lea... d to food borne illness are failing to cook food adequately, holding food at incorrect temperatures, using contaminated equipment, practicing poor personal hygiene, and ✔✔Purchasing food from unsafe sources What is an important measure for preventing foodborne illness? ✔✔Controlling time and temperature Raw chicken breasts are left out at room temperature on a prep table. What is the main risk that could cause a foodborne illness? ✔✔time-temperature abuse A server cleans a dining table with a wiping cloth and then puts the wiping cloth in an apron pocket. What is the risk that could cause a foodborne illness? ✔✔poor cleaning and sanitizing [Show More]

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