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BUSI 411 Exam 1 Liberty University answers complete solutions - Attempt score; 75/75 points.

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BUSI 411 Exam 1 Attempt Score: 75 Out of 75 points. • Question 1 Measurements taken at various points in the transformation process for control purposes are called: • Question 2... Taking a systems viewpoint with regard to operations in today's environment increasingly leads decision makers to consider ______________ in response to the ___________. • Question 3 Which of the following is not a benefit of using models in decision making? • Question 4 Which of the following is not true about the systems approach? • Question 5 Which of the following most involves coordinating the activities among all the elements of the business including its suppliers and distributors? • Question 6 In an assembly operation at a furniture factory, six employees assembled an average of 450 standard dining chairs per five-day week. What is the labor productivity of this operation? • Question 7 The ratio of good output to quantity of raw material input is called • Question 8 The weekly output of a fabrication process is shown below, together with data for labor and material inputs. Standard selling price is $125 per unit. Overhead is charged weekly at the rate of $1,500 plus .5 times direct labor cost. Assume a 40-hour week and an hourly wage of $16. Material cost is $10 per foot. What is the average multifactor productivity? Week Output #Workers Material (ft) 1 392 5 2720 2 408 6 2790 • Question 9 The Balanced Scorecard is a useful tool for helping managers translate their strategy into action in the following areas: • Question 10 For an organization to grow its market share, it must: • Question 11 The two most important factors in choosing a forecasting technique are: • Question 12 The business analyst for Video Sales, Inc. wants to forecast this year's demand for DVD decoders based on the following historical data: Year Enrollments 5 Years ago 900 4 Years ago 700 3 Years ago 600 2 Years ago 500 Last Year 300 What is the forecast for this year using exponential smoothing with alpha = .4, if the forecast for two years ago was 750? • Question 13 Which of the following changes would tend to shorten the time frame for short-term forecasting? • Question 14 Which of the following is the most valuable piece of information the sales force can bring into forecasting situations? • Question 15 The two general approaches to forecasting are: • Question 16 Which of the following is least likely to result in product innovations that have near-term commercial application? • Question 17 Excitement characteristics are categories in the _________ model. • Question 18 A disadvantage of global teams for product design is that: • Question 19 A formal way to ensure customer requirements are factored into the product and service development process is: • Question 20 One way to increase reliability is to: • Question 21 Prior to the Industrial Revolution, goods were produced primarily by craftsmen or their apprentices using custom-made parts. • Question 22 Productivity tends to be only a very minor factor in an organization's ability to compete. • Question 23 If a pattern appears when a dependent variable is plotted against time, one should use time series analysis instead of simple linear regression. • Question 24 A service blueprint is quite similar to an architectural drawing. • Question 25 Quality function deployment is a structured approach that guarantees that the highest-quality product or service will be designed. [Show More]

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