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AORN Periop 101 Module-Questions & Correct Answers. 100% Accurate.

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AORN Periop 101 Module Questions & Correct Answers. 100% Accurate. In addition to the surgeon which surgical team members wear sterile gowns and gloves during the procedure? SATA a. anesthesia b... . circulating nurse c. scrub d. surgical assistant - ✔✔C & D: Scrub and Surgical assistant The pathology laboratory and blood bank are usually situated in which of the following areas? - ✔✔Unrestricted area Defining nursing goals and intervention strategies is a part of which phase in the nursing process? - ✔✔Outcome Identification The goals of perioperative nursing interventions are to deliver optimal patient care.... SATA A. conveniently B. effectively C. efficiently D. safely E. skillfully - ✔✔B, C, D, E Which of the following is considered a critical perioperative nursing diagnosis within the PNDS? A. Impaired tissue integrity B. Pain C. Risk for fluid volume deficit D. Risk for perioperative positioning injury - ✔✔D Which items of attire are required when entering the sterile processing area? SATA a. scrub suit b. head cover c. shoe covers d. surgical mask - ✔✔A & B What phases of the nursing process does the periop nurse practice during the preop phase of the surgical experience? SATA a. assessment b. eval c. identification of desired outcomes d. implementation e. nursing dx f. planning - ✔✔A, C, E, F Data collection is part of which phase in the nursing process? - ✔✔Assessment Competency statements: a. direct a nurse's activity in the periop arena b. provide a basic model to eval the quality of nursing practice c. ascertain a level of skills and abilities necessary to fulfill the processional role d. all of the above. - ✔✔D True or False: it is important for perioperative nurses to practice within the context of professional standards and to maintain current knowledge of nursing practice? - ✔✔True Professional nurses seek to support and encourage peers by... - ✔✔Through precepting, mentoring, and role modeling, and providing feedback, the professional nurse is a daily example of excellence in the perioperative setting Perioperative nurses can enhance their professionalism by... - ✔✔A nurse can improve professionally by making use of the various online and independent study resources developed by AORN and by participating in continuing the facility's education activities and accessing perioperative textbooks When using the forum for public commenting on clinical guidelines and offering a suggested change in the comment field, it is very important that you: SATA a. suggest alternate phrasing b. cite evidence to support your change c. provide rationale for your suggestion d. call the consult line to clarify the content with the guideline author - ✔✔A, B, & C: suggest alternate phrasing, cite evidence to support your change, provide rationale for your suggestion based on what you have learned about various sources of information, identify the ways in which the periop nurse can improve professionally? - ✔✔The different ways in which a perioperative nurse can improve professionally are: AORN continuing education conferences, attending chapter meetings, reading AORN Journals, and visiting AORN websites. True or False: AORN guidelines can replace departmental and institutional policies? - ✔✔False non-research parts of evidence ratings include the following: SATA a. summaries of the evidence b. organizational experience c. consensus on appraisal scores d. community standards e. clinician experience and expert opinion f. consumer preferences - ✔✔Everything except C Key business metrics over which you can have control to affect the bottom line are: SATA a. length of procedures b. on time starts c. physician satisfaction d. turnover time e. volume of procedures - ✔✔A, B, D, E Based on knowledge you have gained about ethics and ethical decision making, identify the situations where a decision would be made on ethical grounds A. Using new technology B. Implementing or suspending the DNR order on a patient C. After the patient gives consent to surgery: refusing to proceed until all involved personnel discuss the situation D. Participating in human experiments that are conducted at your facility E. Strongly supporting organ donation even though the family disagrees - ✔✔A, B, D, E Some of the ways by which professional nurses can protect themselves from legal action include maintaining; A. Documentation of performance appraisals B. Documentation of administrative competencies C. Documentation of continuing education D. Knowledge of state nurse practice act - ✔✔A, C, D Based on the knowledge you have gained about legal and risk management issues, identify ways to enhance one's professional practice. A. documentation of orientation program B. documentation of clinical competency C. documentation of employee performance evaluations D. knowledge of the nursing practice act in your state E. documentation of continuing education activities F. revision of all departmental policies and procedures - ✔✔A, B, D, E Which of the following statements reflect the importance of certification? A. certification is mandatory B. certification relates to a sense of personal accomplishment C. certification help to validate specialized knowledge D. certification relates to professional growth - ✔✔B, C, D Which of the following statements are true about objective data? SATA A. Data that consists of the patient's own feelings and perceptions B. Age, religion, or culture are examples of objective data C. Data that is the information written in the patient's record and nursing notes D. History, physical and lab data are objective data examples - ✔✔C & D birth - one month ability for learning and understanding - ✔✔baby is only able to express through crying one month - twelve months ability for learning and understanding - ✔✔baby will smile, babble, and gurgle one - three years ability for learning and understanding - ✔✔baby is able to understand and respond to simple commands three- six years ability for learning and understanding - ✔✔the child is able to literally interpret terms Patients in which of the following age groups have the greatest blood volume per unit of body weight? A. children B. elderly C. middle adults D. young adults - ✔✔A During the preoperative interview, why should the perioperative nurse ask patients about their use of herbal preparations, alcohol, tobacco products, and recreational drugs? SATA A. herbal supplements may affect the metabolism of drugs administered B. Patients who use alcohol heavily are unable to tolerate general anesthesia C. Recreational drug use may affect the choice of preoperative sedation D. Smoking may affect circulatory and respiratory system assessment results - ✔✔A, C, D Which items are included in the psychsocial evaluations? SATA A. Coping styles B. Cultural beliefs and practices C. Expectations of perioperative care D. sensory impairment E. religious or spiritual beliefs - ✔✔A, B, C, E Which of the following statements is true? A. blood pressure remains constant with age B. body temperature increases with increasing age C. heart rate increases with increasing age D. lung capacity decreases with increasing age - ✔✔D Which of the following factors make geriatric patients more sensitive to injury and cold? A. decreases in subcutaneous fat B. lung capacity decreases with age C. bilirubin and hemoglobin shift D. range of medication absorption is altered - ✔✔A Why is it important to assess herbal supplements or recreational drugs before surgery? SATA A. herbal preparations can decrease the toxicity of other drugs administered during anesthesia B. Herbal preparations can affect bleeding times C. herbal preparations can interfere with drug metabolism D. recreational drugs can result in withdrawal symptoms E. recreational drug users may require higher doses of anesthetics - ✔✔B, C, D, E What interventions can perioperative nurses do to protect elderly patients? SATA A. employ DVT prophylactic devices B. position patient for effective air exchange C. slide patient onto OR bed without use of assistive device D. use warming devices to maintain normothermia - ✔✔A, B, D A child in which of the following age groups would be described as "likes to socialize and interpret terms" ? A. 1 month- 12 months B. 1-3 years old C. 3-6 years old D. 6-12 years old - ✔✔C Professional organizations and societies, as well as individual organizations can proactively create a culture that supports patient safety through which of the following mechanisms? SATA A. set processes rather than standards B. convene and communicate with members about safety C. incorporate attention to safety into training programs D. collaborate across disciplines - ✔✔B, C, D Many medical errors occur due to three types of human errors. Which of the following statements are true? SATA A. a nurse programs a new electrosurgery unit incorrectly is a skill based error B. a nurse misinterprets test results is a knowledge based error C. juggling multiple activities is a knowledge based error D. a nurse fails to provide indicated prophylactics is a knowledge based error E. physical stamina due to occupational musculoskeletal injuries is a situational factor - ✔✔A, B, D, E The IOM report describes the importance of setting standards and expectations for patient safety. The report states that setting standards can __________________? SATA A. help in reviewing the work of the organization B. set expectations for health professionals C. establish consistency across individuals and organizations D. help set expectations of consumers and purchasers - ✔✔B, C, D Which of the following "AORN Position Statement on Correct Site Surgery" statement is true? A. Family members should NOT be involved in identifying the correct site B. the surgical site should be marked with a washable marker C. staff member should verbally verify the correct site with each member of the surgical team D. wrong site surgery is most common in ophthalmologic procedures - ✔✔C Individual staff members play the biggest role in maintaining a safe OR environment. Staff members are required to: SATA A. Monitor, identify, and report safety hazards B. set appropriate electrical and fire safety hazards C. understand and comply with the emergency power outage plan D. Practice sound, basic, and OR specific electrical and fire safety. - ✔✔A, C, D Elements required to create a culture of safety include: SATA A. sense of trust among team members B. sincere commitment to affirming safety as the first priority C. development and support of a proactive approach rather than a reactive, blaming approach D. development of a reporting mechanism for grievances and complaints. E. dissemination of receipt of information to all levels of staff - ✔✔A, B, C, E Which of the following practices should be used to implement the Joint Commission's Universal Protocol for Preventing Wrong Site, Wrong Procedure, Wrong Person Surgery? A. Asking the patient to mark the correct surgical site with an "x" B. Asking the patient to verify the procedure in writing C. using a time out procedure before beginning the procedure D. using three unique patient identifiers - ✔✔C The purpose of the National Patient Safety Goals is to: SATA A. Promote specific improvements in patient safety B. highlight problematic issues in health care C. describe evidence based and expert based hospital wide solutions to problems D. Create a monitoring mechanism for health organizations and personnel - ✔✔A, B, C Which of the elements required for an infection to occur is related to inanimate environmental surfaces? A. method of transmission b. susceptible host c. source of reservoir - ✔✔c. source of reservior One of the most effective ways to prevent disease transmission and control infections in health care settings is: A. Cough etiquette B. Effective cleaning of healthcare surfaces C. hand hygeine D. Use of PPE - ✔✔c. hand hygiene match the three types of transmission based precautions with the correct examples of precautions that should be implemented for them: a. contact b. droplet c. airborne ---- 1. donning PPE and patient placement 2. donning PPE and env cleaning 3. donning PPE and wearing a surgical mask with a respirator level of N95 or higher - ✔✔1=b 2=a 3=c OSHA bloodborne pathogens standard requires health care personnel to wear the following when splashes, spray, splatter, or droplets of blood or other infectious materials can be reasonably anticipated. SATA A. masks B. shoe coverings C. eye protection devices D. gloves E. paper gown - ✔✔A, B, C, D Which factor determine the likelihood of transmission and persistence of multi-drug resistant organisms? SATA A. decreased antimicrobial use B. Effectiveness of prevention methods C. Numbers of colonized patients D. Vulnerability of the patients - ✔✔B, C, D Effective methods for preventing SSIs include: A. effective environmental cleaning procedures B. performance of sterile technique C. use of surgical attire and other barriers D. all of the above - ✔✔D Immunizations and testing of healthcare workers should include all of the following except: A. Hep B B. MMR C. Tetanus toxoid D. Seasonal influenza E. Shingles - ✔✔E What wound class... -Procedure does not involve the resp, alimentary, or GU tract and no infection/inflammation is present - ✔✔Wound class 1: clean What wound class... -Procedure does involve the resp, alimentary, or GU tract, entered under controlled conditions - ✔✔Wound class 2: clean-contaminated What wound class... -Gross spillage from the GI tract occurs or unsterile instruments are used - ✔✔Wound class 3: contaminated What wound class... -a clinical infection exists or an internal organ perforation is present - ✔✔Wound class 4: dirty, infected Droplet precautions include all of the following except: A. Donning PPE B. Consulting with the risk manager C. Placing a mask on the patient during transport D. Placing the patient in a single patient room E. using an isolation room for the patient - ✔✔B. Plastic Incise drapes... a. may increase moisture and bacterial growth under the drape b. are recommended for use only for certain procedures c. are NOT recommended for use d. all of the above e. A and C only - ✔✔A & C only Which of the following best describes sterile technique? Sterile technique is: A. applied when stocking supplies in the surgical suite B. carried out by non-scrubbed personnel by maintaining a distance of at least 6in from the sterile field C. employed during the terminal cleaning to assure a sterile environment D. implementing during surgical procedures to prevent microbial contamination - ✔✔D Match the terms given below with their definitions: 1. Surgical conscience 2. Sterile 3. Sterile Technique A. the use of specific actions and activities to prevent contamination and sterility of identified areas during operative or other invasive areas during operative and other invasive procedures B. Allows for no compromise in the principles of sterile technique C. the absence of all living microorganisms - ✔✔1- B 2- C 3- A Recommendations for draping include: A. handling sterile drapes as little as possible B. Cuffing the drape material over the gloved hands C. Holding the drapes in a controlled manner D. All of the above - ✔✔D Select the areas of the sterile gown t [Show More]

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