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NR511 Final Exam Study Guide (2020)

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Study Guide (2020) NR511 Final Exam Week 1 1. Define diagnostic reasoning -To solve problems, to promote health, and to screen for disease or illness all require a sensitivity to complex stor... ies, to contextual factors, and to a sense of probability and uncertainty. -Diagnostic reasoning can be seen as a kind of critical thinking. Critical thinking involves the process of questioning one’s thinking to determine if all possible avenues have been explored and if the conclusions that are being drawn are based on evidence. Diagnostic reasoning then includes a systematic way of thinking that evaluates each new piece of data as it either supports some diagnostic hypothesis or reduces the likelihood of others. 2. Discuss and identify subjective & objective data -Subjective: -reports -complains of -tells you in response to your questions. -Includes ROS, CC, and HPI -Objective: -what you can see, hear, or feel as part of your clinical exam. -It also includes laboratory data and test results. 3. Discuss and identify the components of the HPI -O: Onset of CC -L: Location of CC -D: Duration of CC -C: Characteristics of CC -A: Aggravating factors for CC -R: Relieving factors for CC -T: Treatments tried for CC -S: Severity of CC 4. Describe the differences between medical billing and medical coding Medical coding: is the use of codes to communicate with payers about which procedures were performed and why. -Medical billing: is the process of submitting and following up on claims made to a payer in order to receive payment for medical services rendered by a healthcare provider. 5. Compare and contrast the 2 coding classification systems that are currently used in the US healthcare system -The CPT system offers the official procedural coding rules and guidelines required when reporting medical services and procedures performed by physician and non-physician providers. -CPT codes are recognized universally and also provide a logical means to be able to track healthcare data, trends, and outcomes. -ICD-10 codes are shorthand for the patient’s diagnoses, which are used to provide the payer information on the necessity of the visit or procedure performed. [Show More]

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