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Nutrition Exam 1 (Ch. 1, 2, 3): Latest Updated: Questions & Answers

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What drives food choices? (Ans- • Taste and enjoyment are the primary drivers • Food availability and culture • Habit • Advertising • Food trends • Limited time • Convenience ... • Emotions • Perception of healthy and unhealthy Nutrition (Ans- The science that studies how nutrient and compounds in food nourish the body and affect body functions and overall health Good Nutrition (Ans- • Reduces the risk of the leading causes of death • Helps prevent harmful diseases and conditions • Reduces the risk of developing obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure How nutrition affects health (Ans- Compounds in foods that sustain body processes • Building blocks • Energy Six classifications of nutrients found in food and in the body. (Ans- • Carbohydrates • Fats (lipids) • Proteins • Vitamins • Minerals • Water Carbohydrates (Ans- Body's main source of energy Supply glucose • Primary source of energy for several body cell types - Red blood cells - Brain cells Lipids (Ans- Fats (triglycerides), oils, phospholipids, and sterols Insoluble in water Triglycerides • Source of energy during rest and sleep • Storage form for excess energy - Adipose tissue beneath the skin and around several organs • Found in margarine, butter, oils, and animal products Organic Nutrients (Ans- Contain carbon or carbon-carbon bonds. Carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, and vitamins are organic nutrients [Show More]

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