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NURS 6551 Final Exam (100 out of 100) 1. An example of an X-linked recessive condition or trait is 2. Where does edema tend to occur in the pregnant woman’s body? 3. What is the leading cau... se of first-trimester maternal death? 4. To prevent breast trauma during the breastfeeding, the nurse practitioner should stress the importance of 5. What components make up the biophysical profile? 6. Optimal weight gain during pregnancy is based on the woman’s prepregnant BMI and: 7. When can relief from pregnancy induces nausea and vomiting be expected? 8. The treatment(s) with demonstrated effectiveness relieving symptoms of dysmenorrhea in women with premenstrual syndrome is (are): 9. Which of the following dietary changes would you recommend Heather, who is experiencing nausea during her firsts trimester? 10. Without treatment shortly after birth, as many as 90 percent of infants born to hepatitis B–infected mothers will: 11. Mindy, age 42, is pregnant for the first time She wants a chorionic villus sampling (CVS) performed for genetic testing. Which statement is true regarding CVS? 12. After 28 weeks' gestation, all women should perform fetal movement counts (FMCs). Which of the following statements regarding FMCs is true? 13. At what time during pregnancy does nausea typically occur? 14. An autosomal recessive disorder such as cystic fibrosis is expressed in the offspring when: 15. The Papanicolaou (Pap) smear report on a 36-year-old female patient indicates atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance (ASCUS). Which of the following constitutes appropriate care for this patient? 16. Carrie is due to deliver her second baby. During your work-up, you note that she hemorrhaged after delivering her first baby 2 years ago, has always had menorrhagia, and bruises easily. Her lab work reveals a normal blood work-up, including a normal prothrombin time and activated partial thromboplastin time. What do you suspect? 17. What is the recommended timing for gestational diabetes screening? 18. According to Naegele's rule, if a woman's last normal menstral period (LNMP) was September 23, what is her estimated date of delivery? 19. You see G5P4015 on a client's history form. You surmise that 20. Karen is taking oral contraceptive pills for fertility control. Karen calls the clinic and reports the presence of chest pain and shortness of breath. You instruct Karen to: 21. What is the most common cause of death in women in the United States? 22. It is imperative that the nurse practitioner teach patients taking an oral contraceptive to report any of the danger signs of complications. Which of the following would be of least concern to the nurse practitioner? 23. When is a pregnant woman at risk for developing congenital rubella syndrome? 24. In order to maintain continence bladder pressure must be 25. After how many weeks’ gestation is a pregnancy loss considered a fetal death or stillbirth? 26. Allie, who has asthma, just found out that she is pregnant. She is wondering whether she should continue taking her asthma medications. Which of the following is true regarding asthma and pregnancy? 27. Spontaneous abortion refers to the loss of a fetus of less than 28. Which of the following maternal situations is considered an absolute contradiction to breastfeeding? 29. A 40-year-old female presents for a routine well woman exam. On examination, the nurse practitioner notes a scant nipple discharge, absence of a palpable mass, and absence of lymph node enlargement. Which of the following is the most likely diagnosis? 30. When is round ligament pain most likely to occur in pregnant women? 31. What is the most typical schedule of prenatal care in the first 28 weeks of pregnancy? 32. A 30-year-old female patient is seeking advice from the nurse practitioner about becoming pregnant. She is currently taking an oral contraceptive. She gives a history of having a hydatidiform molar pregnancy 2 years ago. The appropriate plan of care for this patient should include: 33. A 25-year-old obese female has a history of frequent candida vaginal infections in the past year. She is in a monogamous sexual relationship and uses and intrauterine device (IUD) for contraception. Of the following, which is the most likely underlying condition predisposing her to recurring candida vaginitis? 34. What is the best description of Bishop's score? 35. Which of the following laboratory tests is useful in the diagnosis of spontaneous abortion? 36. According to the International Association of Diabetes and Pregnancy Study Guide, screening for gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) should be done on which of the following clients: 37. What distinguishes pyelonephritis from cystitis? 38. What is the presumptive symptom of pregnancy that involved tingling or frank pain of the breasts? 39. What was the reason that prenatal care began in the early 1900s? 40. Which of the following instructions should be included in the discharge teaching plan to assist the postpartal woman in recognizing early signs of complications? 41. A 28-year-old pregnant patient, at 18 weeks gestation, complains of feeling lightheaded when standing. which of the following is an appropriate response by the nurse practitioner? 42. In evaluating a mother-and-infant breastfeeding situation, signs of an effective latch at the breast are 43. What is a possible cause of abdominal pain during pregnancy? 44. Pregnant women should know that folic acid can help to prevent neural tube defects. To be most effective, women should take folic acid: 45. Which of the following should the nurse practitioner encourage preconceptually to decrease the risk of neural tube defect in the fetus? 46. Sarah, who just found out she is pregnant, is taking prenatal vitamins with extra daily supplements of iron. She may be a candidate for 47. Which of the following diseases is not acquired transplancentally? 48. During nursery rounds, you examine a 12-hour-old newborn. The infant has a yellow tint to the skin and sclera. What lab test will you order to further evaluate this infant? 49. What is a fetus's gestational age when its mother's uterus is palpable just above the pubic symphysis? 50. Jack and Jill present for a preconception health counseling session. Jack is 34, Jill is 33, and they have a 5-year-old son, Jake. Jake is the product of an uncomplicated pregnancy and labor. At birth, Jake had an open neural tube defect and now has spina bifida with a loss of function of his lower extremities. Jack and Jill want another child and ask if there is anything they can do to prevent the recurrence of a neural tube defect in future pregnancies. What is your best response to this couple? [Show More]

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