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Dosage Calculations Questions & answers

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Dosage Calculations Questions & answers ▪ Round kg to nearest hundredth ▪ Round final answer as indicated ▪ Do not round numbers as you are working out the problem (except for kg) ▪ Show ... your work Desired Over Have: Round answer to the nearest tenth. 1. The physician orders to give IV Penicillin 100,000 units. The Penicillin on hand is labeled 250,000 units/mL. How much of the drug will you administer? 0.4 mL 2. Administer a dose of Vitamin K (Aquamephyton) 0.5 mg. Available: Vitamin K 1 mg/1mL. How many mLs would you administer? 0.5 mL 3. Morphine sulfate 6 mg IV push q4h for pain. On hand: Morphine sulfate 10 mg per mL. How many mLs would you give? 0.6 mL 4. Doctor orders 10 units of insulin per hour via infusion pump. Insulin 100 units in 250 normal saline solution is available. How many mL will the nurse set the pump on? 25 mL/hr 5. Order: Kanamycin (Kantrex) 1 g po q6h x 3 days. Drug available Kantrex 500 mg. How many capsules will you administer per day? 8 capsules/day 6. In ectopic pregnancies RhoGam is administered. Order is for 300 mcg IM. On- hand is RhoGam 150mcg/mL. How many milliliters would you administer? 2 mL 7. Ordered is Misoprostol (Cytotec) 200 mcg po to be given q4h for 24 hours. On-hand is 100 mcg tablet. How many tablets would you administer each day? 12 tablets/day 8. Methotrexate is given for molar pregnancy in serial IM injections. An order for Methotrexate 25 mg weekly x 4 weeks was written. On-hand is Methotrexate 50 mg/2mL vial. How many millimeters would you administer each week? 1 mL 9. Dexamethasone is used in preterm labor patients. Order is for 6 mg every 12 hrs for 2 doses. On-hand is Dexamethasone 12 mg/2mL vial. How many millimeters would you administer per dose? 1 mL [Show More]

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