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OCR Oxford Cambridge and RSA Monday 6 June 2022 — Morning GCSE (9—1) Economics J205102 National and International Economics Time allowed: 1 hour 30 minutes

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SECTION A Answer all the questions in this section. Write your answer for each question in the box provided. 1 The claimant count is a method of measuring A distribution of income B economic grow... th C inflation D unemployment Your answer [1] 2 Which of the following options only contains items classified as wealth? A Interest, profit, shares B Profit, property, rent C Property, savings, shares D Rent, savings, state benefits Your answer [1] 3 Which of the following would not be a possible cause for an uneven distribution of income within an economy? A Age B Gender C Sustainability D Wealth Your answer [1] 3 © OCR 2022 Turn over 4 0.0 2.5 5.0 7.5 10.0 12.5 15.0 2006 2008 2010 2012 2014 2016 2018 2007 2009 2011 2013 2015 2017 2019 United Kingdom Italy Female Unemployment Rates (%) for the United Kingdom and Italy 2006–2019 Percentage (%) Year The diagram shows the female unemployment rates in Italy and the UK. Which of the following statements must be true? A Fewer females were unemployed in the UK in 2019 than in 2006 B More females were unemployed in Italy than in the UK between 2006 and 2019 C The UK’s female unemployment rate is always higher than Italy’s D The UK’s labour market for females has performed better than Italy’s Your answer [1] 5 The government recently reduced the level of state benefits to improve incentives for people to work. However, this policy has led to an increase in poverty among unemployed people. This is an example of which policy cost? A Externalities B Resistance to policies C Time lags D Unintended effects Your answer [1] 4 © OCR 2022 6 Which of the following is the most likely consequence for UK consumers of a fall in the UK exchange rate? A An increase in the rate of inflation B An increase in the standard of living C An increase in overseas tourism D An increase in unemployment Your answer [1] 7 Which of the following would be classified as being unemployed? A A father who chooses to stay at home to look after a child B A full-time student who sometimes works in a café C A pensioner who is looking for part-time work D A young adult who has just left university without a job Your answer [1] 8 A budget deficit means that A imports into a country exceed its exports B tax revenue is less than government spending C the current account will be in surplus D the government has no money left to spend Your answer [1] 9 Which of the following leads to a positive externality? A A subsidy B A tax C A vaccination D An export Your answer [1] 5 © OCR 2022 Turn over 10 Taxable income Tax rate Up to £12 500 0% £12 501 to £50 000 20% £50 001 to £150 000 40% The table provides information about the UK’s income tax system. Calculate the approximate percentage of taxable income paid in tax by someone earning £45 000. A 14% B 20% C 29% D 72% Your answer [1] 11 Jane lives in a UK seaside holiday resort. When the resort is busy, she works selling ice creams on the seafront. The rest of the year she is unemployed. This type of unemployment is A cyclical B frictional C seasonal D structural Your answer [1] 12 The government decides to increase spending on public transport. Which of the following could be considered an opportunity cost of this decision? A A decrease in direct taxation B A decrease in spending on education C A decrease in the budget deficit D A decrease in unemployment Your answer [1] 6 © OCR 2022 13 One of the driving factors of globalisation is improvements in transportation. Which of the following explains this driving factor? A Container ships have reduced average costs B Improved environmental sustainability C Increased use of call centres D Lower tariff barriers on imports Your answer [1] 14 Which of the following is a cost of development for workers in a less developed country? A Increased foreign investment B Increased use of machinery C Less choice of domestic brands D Migration of skilled workers Your answer [1] 15 There is an increase in the rate of taxation on interest earned from savings. Which of the following is most likely to happen? A Capital expenditure will increase B Income distribution will improve C Individuals will save more D Workers will move abroad Your answer [1] 7 © OCR 2022 Turn over 16 Date Exchange rate (£1) 1st January 2016 $1.47 1st January 2017 $1.23 1st January 2018 $1.35 1st January 2019 $1.27 1st January 2020 $1.33 The table shows the exchange rate of the UK pound (£) against the US dollar ($). Which of the following statements is correct? A Exports from the UK to the US became more expensive between 2016 and 2017 B Exports from the UK to the US became more expensive between 2019 and 2020 C Exports from the US to the UK became less expensive between 2018 and 2019 D Exports from the US to the UK became more expensive between 2017 and 2018 Your answer [1] 17 Increased GDP per capita is used to show improved development of a country because A it means there will no longer be any need for state provision B markets will have become more competitive C more opportunities for work are likely to exist D no other measure of development is available Your answer [1] 18 Which of the following is a possible cost if a government increases taxation to reduce a negative externality? A A decrease in government revenue B An increase in government revenue C Growth in unofficial markets D Less spending on healthcar [Show More]

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