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International Law Summary Full (All chapters) Questions and Answers (Level A+)2023

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1978 Vienna Convention on Succession of States in Respect to Treaties states that: - -A state emerging from the break-up of an existing state is bound to the predecessor's treaties. -A publication ... by the United Nations' international Law Commission is an example of a subsidiary source of international law - -True -A treaty normally: - -a. specifies about membership b. sets forth the purposes of the organization c. notes how disputes might be resolved d. highlights the structure of the organization -According to Kissinger, which two approaches to universal jurisdiction have emerged recently? - -a. The application of international judicial standards within a judicial international organization b. The application of international judicial standards within domestic criminal justice procedures -According to Roth, Pinochet was granted immunity from prosecution in Chile because he gave detailed testimony about his crimes - -False, head-of-state immunity -According to scholars, when does an IO have the power to conclude international agreements, to bring claims on behalf of the organization, or to be sued? - -a. When member states have expressly provided for such powers b. These powers can be implied from the overall purpose of the organization. [Show More]

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what is international law? - -law that governs all nations & all ppl -______: "IL as understood among ______ may be defined as consisting in those rules of conduct which reason deduces as consonant...

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