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International Law Summary Full (All chapters) Questions and Answers [Distinction Level]2023

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Explain each of the steps likely to have occurred in the making of this treaty. - -1) Representation: State or international organization authorizes a person to represent it in the negotiation, this p... erson is granted a document referred to as "full powers". 2) Negotiation: The two states meet for one or more sessions to hammer out the details of the treaty and the normally initial the final text once the negotiation is completed. When is a multilateral treaty, the process can be somewhat more complicated. Usually a government or international org, invites states to participate in the negotiations of the new treaty and hosts the negotiating session, this may last years if there are many states. 3)Adoption: adoption of a treaty does not mean that the treaty becomes binding upon the states; it simply establishes that the negotiations are over. 4) Ratification/Signature: Once the treaty is adopted, the manner in which a state consents to be bound to it is usually indicated in the treaty itself. A treaty might provide that a states's signature establishes the state's consent to be bound to the treaty. If there are no indications in the treaty that any further steps are anticipated after signature, then signature alone will be regarded as establishing state's consent. [Show More]

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what is international law? - -law that governs all nations & all ppl -______: "IL as understood among ______ may be defined as consisting in those rules of conduct which reason deduces as consonant...

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