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International Law Summary Full (All chapters) Q&A – April 2023

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Exporting - -Entering a foreign market by selling goods produced in the company's home country, often with little modification. -Importing - -Buying products domestically that have been produced or... grown in foreign nations -Trade in Services - -The providing of services to a customer or the operation of service companies in a foreign country. -Direct Exporting - -The exporting of goods and services by the firm that produces them. -Foreign Sales Representative - -An agent who distributes, represents, or sells goods on behalf of a foreign seller, usually in return for the payment of a commission -Foreign Distributors - -Entity that takes title goods and bears the financial and commercial risks for the subsequent sale of goods -Indirect Exporting - -When a firm sells its domestically produced goods in a foreign country through an intermediary. -International Trading Companies - -Doing business with other countries -Export Trading Companies - -Transact Commercial, Financial activities to facilitate exports by unaffiliated persons -Certificate of Origin - -A document, required by certain countries for tariff purposes, certifying as to the country of origin of specified goods. -Export Management Companies - -Export specialists who act as the export marketing department for client firms -Intellectual Property - -A product of the intellect, such as an expressed idea or concept, that has commercial value. -Intellectual Property Rights - -An image or idea that is owned and retained by legal control. -Licensing Agreements - -Business arrangement in which manufacturers of product grants permission to some other grow, individual, or corp to manufacture product in return for specified payment -World Intellectual Property Organization - -An international organization whose members sign treaties to agree to protect intellectual property [Show More]

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