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International law, summary (midterm 1), TLS Questions and Answers

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trade - -Buying and selling goods/services. -exporting - -Shipping goods out of a country -importing - -Shipping goods into a country -trade in services - -Services provided by the producer t... o the customer -direct exporting - -Selling of products directly to the customer in other country without the involvement of a third party. -foreign sales representatives - -A person representing a company to develop operations and sell products or offer services to customer across the globe. -foreign distributors - -An investment in the form of business ownership in one country by a firm based in another country. -indirect exporting - -Selling of products to the customer in another country with the help of an intermediary [Show More]

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International Law Questions and Answers Grade A+ 2023

international law - -derives not from the actions of a legislative branch or other central authority, but from tradition and agreements signed by states -Three international relationships are gover...

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