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Individual Prescription Drug Plans (2022/2023) Rated A+

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Individual Prescription Drug Plans (2022/2023) Rated A+ Once submitted, who can cancel an enrollment application before the effective date? ✔✔d. Both A and C Marks: 1 Aetna strictly enforces ... our enrollment procedures. If you receive an Enrollment Process Exception Notice, your immediate action will be required in order to avoid any disciplinary actions, which may include___________________. ✔✔d. All of the Above The effective date for enrollments in the Initial Enrollment Period (IEP) must be the first of the month following the month of enrollment, beginning with the Part D eligibility date. ✔✔True The SilverScript agent portal provides a secure method for external agents and administrators to communicate with SilverScript's agent support team so _________________________________ can be shared safely. ✔✔d. All of the Above Aetna is a CVS Health company that offers SilverScript Part D products. ✔✔True Mail order prescription drug services are not available for SilverScript PDP plans. ✔✔False An Electronic Scope of Appointment (eSOA) valid for ___________. ✔✔b. 14 days Agents must submit the original documentation for enrollment within 24 hours after the application data has been entered into the agent portal. ✔✔True Non‐compliance to the Code of Conduct can affect _______________and may result in legal or financial consequences. ✔✔d. All of the above Agents MUST communicate the pricing tool disclaimer to prospects and clients. The disclaimers for SilverScript's Drug Lookup & Pricing tool appear at bottom of the pricing tool pages. ✔✔True Marks: 1 Before meeting with an applicant, agents must be in good standing with the following: ✔✔e. All of the above A conflict of interest may arise when personal interests or activities appear to improperly influence our ability to act in the best interests of the company. Any potential conflict of interest should be reported immediately. ✔✔True If a member is assessed a Part D Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount (Part DIRMAA), the member will be notified by the Social Security Administration. Part D‐IRMAA is paid directly to Medicare. ✔✔True Plan performance summary ratings are issued in October and reflect the previous plan contract year. Therefore, enrollment kits fulfilled prior to November will reflect the previous year's star rating. After release, you should download the updated star ratings sheet from the SilverScript Agent Portal, print copies of the updated document and replace the form that is in the kits you have in your office supply to ensure you distributed current information to your prospects. ✔✔True The date the agent receives an enrollment application is considered the official Application Date. The Application Date that agents enter into the SilverScript Agent Portal must be the Application Received Date (found in the Agent Section of the Enrollment Application). ✔✔True Agents (and admins) can view members' billing information in the SilverScript Agent Portal; specifically, ✔✔d. All of the above If your client receives a letter from SilverScript requesting proof of creditable coverage, and the client has already submitted proof of creditable coverage with the enrollment application, they can ignore the letter. ✔✔False Any time you see or suspect a violation of our Code, the law or our policies, you must report it. Ways to report your concerns include: ✔✔d. Any of the above It's not necessary to verify the consumer's Medicare eligibility at the time of enrollment ✔✔False If a beneficiary had a break in Medicare prescription drug coverage or other creditable coverage of 63 days in a row, they may be subject to a late enrollment penalty. ✔✔True You can access the Report tab within the agent portal to track the progress of a client's enrollment application. You can expect a 7-10-day lag between submitting the application and being able to view the status. ✔✔False The most common SilverScript agent‐related marketing misrepresentation complaints deal with the annual cost estimate. You can help avoid this by: ✔✔d. All of the above If the requested premium payment method is Social Security deductions, __________________ ✔✔a. The request must be approved by Social Security, so it could take one to two months for deductions to begin. The cost estimates displayed on most pricing tools, such as,, and most third-party websites, will typically reflect__________________ pricing. ✔✔d. Both A and C A beneficiary who was previously entitled to Medicare Part A, but not yet Part B, is ✔✔WRONG ANSWER: c. Automatically given an ICEP enrollment period when they enroll in Part B. [Show More]

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