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Essential Cell Biology Chapter 7 Flashcards Questions and Answers 2023

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Transcription - -Cells copy DNA to RNA -Translation - -Cells use information in RNA to make a protein -RNA splicing - -a process in eukaryotic cells in which segments of an RNA transcript are re... moved -What are the subunits of RNA? - -A G C U (uracil hydrogen bonds with A) -What is the benefit of RNA being able to fold in a variety of shapes? - -The change in shape allows RNA to carry out various functions in cells, (in addition to conveying info from DNA to protein) such as structural, regulatory and catalytic functions -Does RNA remain hydrogen bonded to the DNA template strand? - -no -Why are RNA molecules single stranded? - -1) Behind the region where ribonucleotides are added, RNA chain is displaced and the DNA helix reforms 2) only one strand of the DNA molecule is transcribed -Are RNA or DNA molecule short? - -RNA molecules are shorter than DNA molecules [Show More]

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