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Essential Cell Biology: Chapter 1 Flashcards Questions and Answers 2023 Grade A+

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cells - --small, membrane-enclosed units filled with a concentration aqueous solution of chemicals and endowed with the ability to create copies of themselves by growing and then dividing in two. -... fundamental units of life -the simplest forms of like are - -solitary cells -Living things are - --Highly organized compared to natural inanimate objects -Display homeostasis, maintaining a relatively constant internal environment -Reproduce themselves -Grow and develop from simple beginnings -Take energy and matter from the environment and transform it -Respond to stimuli -Show adaptation to their environment -Cells vary enormously in - --Size -Shape -Chemical requirements -Cell function -Some modifications specialize a cell so much that they spoil it's chances of leaving an descendants. - -In a multicellular organism it works because there is a division of labor among cells, allowing some cells to become specialized to an extreme degree for particular tasks and leaving them dependent on their fellow cells for many basic requirements. Even the most basic need of all, passing on the genetic instructions of the organism to the next generation, is delegated to specialists- the egg and the sperm. -Cells are composed of the same sorts of molecules - -which participate in the same types of chemical reactions [Show More]

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