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Fisdap Operations Questions and Answers Graded A+

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A patient is found unresponsive in his small bathroom. He is not breathing and is sitting in the corner. Two EMTs are able to reach him, but they are unable to stand side by side. He app... ears to weigh about 150 pounds and there is no evidence that he has been injured. Which of the following would be the quickest and MOST practical way of moving him out of the bathroom? A) Extremity lift B) Long backboard C) Direct ground lift D) Stair chair device ✔✔A) Extremity lift When moving any patient, you should do so in the safest, most efficient way possible. If a patient is in a narrow space (ie, small bathroom, narrow hallway) and you and your partner cannot stand side by side to perform a direct ground lift, the extremity lift would be the most practical way of moving him or her. One EMT would lift by the arms and the other by the legs; the patient could then be moved to a larger working area. Two EMTs should be able to safely lift a 150-pound patient. A long backboard would clearly not work in the case of a narrow or small space because there would be little room to the patient's left or [Show More]

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