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Purpose of Guest Proccessing Makes the backups transitionally consistent. (saves pending operations in database) Forever Forward Incremental (FFI) Backup chain has 1 full backup (.vbk) and a set of... incrementals (.vib). - Injects data into the full backup before deleting it due to retention Forward Incremental (FI) Backup chain has multiple full backups (.vbk) and sets of forward incrementals (.vib) following each full backup. - Most reliable - Requires more storage Reverse Incremental (RI) Backup chain has one full backup (.vbk) and a set of reverse incremental backups (.vrb) before it. - Injects changed data into the full backup and creates reverse incrementals Five main components for veeam agent for Linux 3.0 backup veeamservice: daemon responsible for managing all tasks/resources veamjobman: proccess that runs every backup session Veeam agent: performs data transfer operations veeamsnap: driver used to create volume snapshots SQLite database engine: used to store config data Can you work within a file while taking a snapshot-less backup w/linux agent 3.0? No. You can read but you cannot write. Does Veeam agent for Linux 3.0 support proccessing of database systems for file-level backup? No. It only supports the proccessing of database systems for volume-level backup. Is agent backup of failover clusters supported in Veeam b&r? Yes. It is supported in Veeam b&r but not supported in the standalone veeam agent program What is the size limit for backing up a volume with veeam agent? 64KB What component site between the backup server and the VM? (Hint: it performs application aware processing) Guest interaction proxy Purpose of the guest interaction proxy Allows you to communicate with the VM guest OS even if it's on a different network Purpose of pre-freeze and post-thaw scripts Allows you to create a non-crash consistent backup if the application doesn't support microsoft SQL Does Veeam for vmware restore the storage policy if a VM is restored to a different location? No, it only restores the storage policy if it's restored to the original location. What permissions are required to access veeam agent for linux? Root privileges It is skipped and it moves onto the next backup What happens if you try to backup a database while it is in the shutdown state? What happens if you process a database in ARCHIVELOG mode? The database keeps archived logs What happens if you process a database in NOARCHIVELOG mode? Does not create archived logs You can only restore the database to the point of full database backup For highly-secure guest processing, should you use persistent or non-persistent agent components? Persistent Agent Components CONTINUED.. [Show More]

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