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Civics Unit 5 Section 2 Vocabulary ALL SOLUTION LATEST EDITION 2023/24 GUARANTEED GRADE A+

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Legal Codes Right and wrong is determined by government and legal Moral Codes Belief about what is right and wrong is based on religious and phisofical teachings Hammurabi's Code First known writ... ten system laws. Justinian's Code Orderly listing of Roman laws Common Law A system of law based on court decisions and customs Statutory Law Acts of government that become written law International Law Legal agreements applied to all nations Consumer Protection Garentees the right to purchase certain goods and protects aganist harmful products Regulatory Commissions Government agencies that protects citizens and enforce Magistrate Court official that takes care of routine work for judges National Guard Reserves Part time military personnel that can. be called into action by the government "Ignorance of the law" Being unaware of legal codes "click it or ticket" Awareness initiative about seat belt laws "Move Over Laws" Requires that drivers move over when emergencies vehicles are in the right away Chamber of Commerce Interest group that prmotes business Federal Campaign Act Requires exposure of a candidates spending of Pepper Spray A tool disabling defenders Tasers A tool for disabling defenders by shock Sobriety Tests Activities used to determine if use of drugs or alcohol Mental Institutions Facilities designed to care for people who suffer from psychosis and neurosis Probabtion Punishment that restricts the freedom of defenders instead of incarceration CONTINUED... [Show More]

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