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Pomerantz Clinical psychology Chapter 15 Questions and Answers 2023

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ABCDE Model - -In cognitive therapy, a model for understanding and recording the impact of cognitions on emotions -Acceptance - -In acceptance and commitment therapy, allowing unpleasant thoughts, ... feelings, and other internal sensations to run their course without fighting against them -Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) - -An increasingly popular form of psychotherapy emphasizing the acceptance rather than avoidance of an unpleasant internal psychological experience -Activating Event - -The A in the ABCDE model of cognitive therapy; the occurrence that initiates the sequence of mental events that may prompt illogical cognitions or beliefs -All-or-nothing Thinking - -In cognitive psychotherapy, a common thought distortion in which the individual irrationally evaluates everything as either wonderful or terrible, with no middle ground or "gray area" -Automatic Thoughts - -In cognitive psychotherapy, cognitions that take place instantly and without any deliberation [Show More]

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