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NUR 101 Final Questions and Answers 2023 Grade A+

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Which of the statements is most accurate? - -Managers have formal leadership titles in the organization; leaders are often informal leaders. -The nurse manager tends to make most unit decisions wit... hout consulting the nursing staff. Which word best describes this style of leadership? - -Authoritarian -The chair of a hospital committee acts as a facilitator and provides constructive criticism, information, and suggestions. Which style of leadership does this represent? - -Democratic -The manager of an E.R. tries to involve staff in department decisions. However, when a mass casualty situation arises, the nurse becomes very directive. What style of leadership is described? - -Situational -The staff members of a unit are inspired by their nurse-managers leadership and enjoy working to create a positive nursing environment of the units patients. What style of leadership does this describe? - -Transformational -Which option characterizes the Laissez-faire style of leadership? - -The group leader is passive, allowing the group to work on goals independently [Show More]

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