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Army Acquisition Exam 1 (2022/2023) Rated A+

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Army Acquisition Exam 1 (2022/2023) Rated A+ Who is responsible for Training the Acquisition Workforce? ✔✔Defense Acquisition Career Manager A Civilian or military in acquisition and personnel... in acquisition career development programs is called? ✔✔Acquisition Workforce Acquisition Corps Membership requirements ✔✔1. Grade of MAJ or above 2. Level II in acquisition career field 3. Bachelor degree 4. 12 to 24 semester hour from an accredited institution 5. 4 years of acquisition experience Out of the 12 proponency areas for Army Acquisition workforce how many areas are for Army Military Officers ✔✔5 Acquisition Program Management DoD requirements are to? ✔✔Promote Social Welfare Acquisition Program Management Primary Objectives are to ✔✔Satisfy OPerational Users T/F: Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution (PPBE) is a calendar-driven process used for Securing Funding for a major acquisition program? ✔✔True T/F Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS): is a capabilities driven Process? ✔✔True T/F: Defense Acquisition Management System is a event driven process that emphasizes risk management ✔✔True T/F: Risk and Acquisition Management (Probability X Consequences = Risk) ✔✔True What is the measure of the Potential of an event occurring probability and consequences ✔✔Risk What are the three risk factors ✔✔Cost, Performance, ScheduleWhat are the four methods of handling risk What are the four methods of handling risk ✔✔Control (reduce probability and or lesson impact) Avoid (changing the source) Assume (plan for the consequences) Transfer (reallocate, share or designate accountability) The major environmental, safety and Occupational health (ESOH) law that directly affecting DOD systems acquisition management is? ✔✔National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) What is management approach that integrates all activities from product concept through production/deployment and support, using multifunctional teams, to optimize the product and its design, manufacturing, business and sustainment processes to meet cost, schedule, and performance objectives? ✔✔Integrated Product and Process Developement (IPPD) These are composed of representatives from all appropriate functional disciplines working together to build successful programs ✔✔IPTs : Integrated Product Teams What are the Four Major IPTs? ✔✔Overarching IPTs Integrated IPTs Working IPTs Program IPTs This IPT is formed by OSD to support all major acquisition programs...not managed by the PM ✔✔Overarching IPT This IPT formed by the PM (Develop Strategies: Acquisition, Contracting, Evaluation of Alternatives Trade-off) Determine WIPT Structure ✔✔Integrated IPT This IPT Focused on Specific Functional areas ✔✔Working Level IPT This IPT Focused on Program Execution ✔✔Program IPT What are the five stages of team development ✔✔Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, Adjourning The team spends time trying to figure out how to accomplish the task and little time actually doing tasks ✔✔Forming The team begins to realize that the task at hand is different or more difficult than they had imagined ✔✔Storming The team reconciles competing loyalties and responsibilities. The team develops spoken or unspoken rules on how to proceed ✔✔Norming The team members work collaboratively to get the job done and solve problems ✔✔Performing The team is preparing for the groups dissolution ✔✔Adjourning A set of Standards of behavior defined by a group or organization ✔✔Ethics Core Beliefs that guide behaviors and attitudes ✔✔Values T/F: Ethics involve our ability to distinguish right from wrong and the commitment to do what is correct and proper ✔✔True What are the three ethical decision making process ✔✔Ethical Commitment Ethical Consciousness Ethical Competency Entails a strong desire to do the correct thing and act ethically, even when ethics could have social or financial costs ✔✔Ethical Commitment May not be aware that conduct that is perfectly legal could appear to be inappropriate or improper to the public ✔✔Ethical Consciousness To provide the problem solving skills and reasoning needed to be ethically committed to act ethically ✔✔Ethical Competence What are the three primary organizations that influence the defense acquisition community? ✔✔The executive Branch The Congress Industry What does (USD(AT$L) Stand for ✔✔Under Secretary of Defense Acquisition, Technology and Logistics What is under the Secretary of Defense Acquisition, Technology and Logistics responsible for? ✔✔The Defense Acquisition Executive (DAE) Establishes policy and procedures for DoD acquisition Matters Chars the Defense Acquisition Board (DAB) Makes program milestone decisions for Major Defense Acquisition Programs (MDAPs) Under Secretary of Defense Comptroller ✔✔Controls the budget and release of funds Responsible for the budgeting phase of planning, programming, budgeting, and execution process T/F DoDI 5000.02 specifies the criteria for acquisition categories ✔✔True T/F The publisher of the initial capabilities Document (ICD) recomends to the milestone Decision Authority (MDA) ✔✔True T/F Milestone B is when a program becomes a program of record ✔✔True Three Effective interaction essential for success ✔✔Planning Programming budgetting and executing Joint Capabilities integration and development systems Defense Acquisition Systems What are the three parts of the FAA ✔✔Task Condition Standards Determines what tasks the force has to be able to do, the Conditions that it does them in, and the standard to which they must be accomplished ✔✔Functional Area Analysis Determines what the force CANNOT do (Capability gaps or where there is duplication of effort) ✔✔Functional Needs Analysis Ideas for non-Material Approaches (DOTMLPF Analysis) determines what could possible be done through a non-material solution before pursuing a material solution (new or improvements to existing ) and the AMA. Provides a comprehensive analysis of potential solution sets to include the recommended solution ✔✔Functional Solution Analysis T/F Joint DOTMLPF change Recommendation (DCR) for non-material ✔✔True T/F Initial Capabilities Document ICD for Material ✔✔True Required for all new material starts regardless of entry point. Identifies a capability gap or set of capability gaps that exists in a functional area. Captures the analysis (FAA, FNA, FSA, PIA) ✔✔Initial Capabilities Document (ICD) Is prepared during the technology Development Phase for use at milestone B ✔✔Capabilities Development Document (CDD) System-Specific Performance parameters are identified using two key values: ✔✔Threshold Objective The minimum acceptable value to the user for a system capability. For any calue below the threshold, the utility of the system becomes questionable. ✔✔Threshold The Desired Value better than the threshold which results in an operationally significant increment above the threshold ✔✔Objective T/F MDA will approve the preferred material solution at MSA ✔✔True Joint warfighting interoperability is a C4I/AIS capability mandated by DoD Policy (This capability is not a user option) ✔✔Interoperability DoD's preferred strategy for rapid acquisition of mature technology for the user is ✔✔evolutionary acquisition Evolutionary acquisition employs two basic developmental approaches ✔✔Spiral Development Incremental Development Those attributes so significant that failure to meet the threshold can be cause for the concept or system selection to be reevaluated or the program to be reassessed or terminated? ✔✔Key Performance Parameters (KPP) What are the 5 phases of the life cycle model (LCM) ✔✔Material Solution Anaylsis is the phase prior to milestone A Technology Development Engineering and manufacturing Development Product and Deployment Operation and Sustainment What is a phase prior to Milestone A ✔✔Material Solution It is made up of A Functional Area Analysis (FAA), a Functional Needs Analysis (FNA), and a Functional Solutions Analysis (FSA) ✔✔The capabilities based Assessment (CBA) is the foundation of the entire process What are the AC manuals ✔✔DoDD 5000.1 Defense Acquisition System DoDD 5000.2 Operation of the Defense Acq system DAG (Defense Acquisition Guidebook AR 70-1 Army Acquisition Proceedures This is the document issued by the milestone decision authority MDA that authorizes entry into the next life cycle phase ✔✔Acquisition Decision Memorandum (ADM) T/F ICD Provides a solution set not single Solution ✔✔True This is the process of developing concepts and technologies into producible and deployable products that provide capability to the user. This process is governed by the CDD/CPD ✔✔Systems Acquisition This is the scheduled date a system or end item and support elements are issued to the unit and the new equipment training plan is accomplished ✔✔FUE (First Unit Equipped) Is the first attainment of the capability to employ effectively a weapon system ✔✔Initial Operational Capability (IOC) All Units and or organizations in the force structure scheduled to receive a system ✔✔FOC (Full Operational Capability) Documents cost, schedule and performance objectives and thresholds at Milestone B (Program initiation) ✔✔Acquisition Program Baseline (APB) The work Break Down Structure is maintained and updated as required by ✔✔Program manager office or program office There are two types of program work breakdown structure ✔✔Program and Contract These are the only two fundamental WBS's as listed within the MIL-HNBK-881A ✔✔Program and Contract What is the manual that governs Work Breakdown Structure ✔✔MIL-HNBK-881A What are minimum levels of work break down structures ✔✔3 WBS Level 1 is ✔✔the entire defense material item Work Break Structure level 4 is who ✔✔Contractor The basis to develop the contact WBS is ✔✔Program WBS Which WBS has several different contractors ✔✔Program WBS Why would you create more than 3 levels in the program WBS ✔✔High Costs and High Risk [Show More]

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