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NUR 155 Exam 3 2023 Full and Revised Study Guide with Complete solutions

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NUR 155 Exam 3 Exam Three Study Guide With Complete Solutions Wounds • Factors Affecting Skin Integrity o Genetics and heredity o Age o Chronic illness and their treatments o Medications - ... antibiotics, decreased immune system drugs, steroids (increase BP), and people with a sugary base, like diabetics, tend to have an increased risk of infection o Poor nutrition Types of Wounds o Wounds are either Intentional or unintentional ▪ Intentional • Trauma that occurs during therapy • Example: operations or venipunctures ▪ Unintentional • Accidental • Example: a person may fracture an arm in an automobile collision o Classifying wounds by Depth ▪ Partial thickness: confined to the skin, that is, the dermis and epidermis; heal by regeneration ▪ Full thickness: involving the dermis, epidermis, subcutaneous tissue, and possibly muscle and bone; require connective tissue repair o Wounds contamination ▪ Clean wounds: infected wounds in which there is minimal inflammation and the respiratory, gastrointestinal, genital and urinary tracts are not entered. Clean wounds are primarily closed wounds. ▪ Clean-contaminated wounds: surgical wounds in which the respiratory, gastrointestinal, genital or urinary tract has been entered. Such wounds show no evidence of inflammation. ▪ Contaminated wounds: include open, fresh, accidental wounds and surgical wounds involving a major break in sterile technique or a large amount of spillage from the gastrointestinal tract. Contaminated wounds show evidence of inflammation. ▪ Dirty or infected wounds: include wounds containing dead tissue and wounds with evidence of a clinical infection, such as purulent drainage. o Types of Wounds ▪ Incision • Cause: sharp instrument (ex: knife/scalpel) – surgical/cut • Open wound; deep or shallow; once the edges have been sealed together as a part of treatment or healing, the incision becomes a closed wound ▪ Contusion • Cause: blow from a blunt instrument – baseball bat • Closed wound; skin has ecchymosis (bruised) because of damaged blood vessels ▪ Abrasion • Cause: surface scrape, either intentional (dermal abrasion to remove pockmarks) or unintentional (scraped knee from a fall) • Open wound involving the skin ▪ Puncture • Cause: penetration of the skin and often the underlying tissues by a sharp instrument, either intentional or unintentional (goes in & comes out – traps bacteria) • Open wound [Show More]

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