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Nursing Test Banks Chapter 52: Care of the Patient with a Sensory Disorder, Exams for Nursing

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A nurse may practice in another state if he or she passed the NCLEX-PN examination in the nurse’s own state and meets the other state’s educational requirements. What is the process to transferri... ng licensure from one state to another called? A. Auxiliary B. Endorsement C. Qualified licensure D. Co-licensure What is the name of licensing law defines the title and regulations governing the practice of nursing and states the requirements for licensure? A. State practice act B. Legislative act C. Nursing regulation act D. Nurse practice act Which employment setting would likely a daytime schedule with weekends off, and would focus on prevention and patient teaching? A. Health care provider’s office B. Long-term care C. Hospice setting D. Adult day care Which health care employment setting would provide the nurse a very good salary, the opportunity to refuse to take an assignment, and more flexibility in the personal schedule but with an uncertainty or work availability? A. Adult day care center B. Long-term care center C. Outpatient clinic D. Temporary agency In what employment setting does the nurse give total care to one patient; is totally independent; provides care in the home, hospital, or other facility; is paid directly by the patient; and is legally responsible for his r her own actions? A. Patient care nursing B. Private duty nursing C. Home health nursing D. Agency care nursing A new graduate who has achieved the goal of getting others to do something that is believed necessary demonstrated what skill? A. Leadership B. Control C. Influence D. Management What is the correct term for a concise, one-or two-page summary of educational and work experience, activities and honors, and concrete skills and interests?2/160 A. Composite B. Letter of application C. Resume D. Review What is another term for promotion? A. Reward B. Reciprocity C. Advancement D. Lift When a resume reflects too many jobs changes, the employer may question it. How long should an employee remain at the first place of employment? A. 1 year B. 2 years C. 6 months D. 3 months Technical and scientific changes have resulted in a multiplicity and complexity of functions placed on nursed, and sometimes jobs description have not been rewritten. What is true of the role of the LPN/LVN? A. It is constantly changing B. It is constantly growing C. It is constantly improving D. It is constantly enlarging Exam #1 Repro What are some advantage of a vaginal hysterectomy over the abdominal hysterectomy? (SATA) A. Less postoperative discomfort B. Reduced hospital stay C. Less expensive D. Better visualization of the intrapelvic area E. Faster recovery What does the diagnosis of secondary infertility refer to? A. Has never conceived B. Is infertile because of repeated infection C. Has conceived but is now unable to do so D. Is over the age of 38 The nurse provides discharge teaching for a patient regarding her activity level as she recovers form her modified radical mastectomy. Which statement by her indicates to the nurse that the teaching has been successful? A. “I should sleep on the sleep on the side opposite my mastectomy.” B. “I should keep my right arm supported in a sling when I am up and around until my incision is healed.”3/160 C. “I can do whatever exercise and activities I want as long as I don’t elevate my right hand above my head.” D. “I should take aspirin before moving or exercising my arm to prevent pain during the exercises.” A male patient, age 23, seeks care at the health clinic because he has developed a profuse, purulent urethral discharge and urination is painful. During assessment of the patient, it is most important that the nurse gather information related to his history of: A. Recent urinary infections B. Episodes of prostatitis C. Contagious diseases like mumps D. Present and past sexual partners, and notifying them to get treatment. Why is a mammogram the most useful method of diagnosing breast cancer? A. It is the most reliable method of detecting breast cancer before it becomes palpable. B. It is inexpensive and covered by most medical insurance plans C. It involves no radiation and takes only a few minutes D. It involves no pain or discomfort and is readily available Which condition would prevent the use of a vaginal hysterectomy? A. A woman with more than four pregnancies B. Large uterine fibroids C. Menorrhagia for over 6 months D. Women over the age of 50 Which statement made by a patient who has been taught the technique of testicular self-examination indicates the need for further teaching? A. “The testes feel smooth and egg-shaped.” B. “The best time to perform TSE is after a shower.” C. “I will examine my scrotum after every ejaculation.” D. “The epididymis feels a soft tube.” A patient, age 41, has had a total abdominal hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy for endometriosis. She asks the nurse if she will have “Hot Flashes.” What knowledge will guide the nurse’s response? A. Only the uterus was removed, and the ovaries are still producing estrogen and she will not have hot flashes. B. The patient is too young to have hot flashes associated with menopause. C. The patient will have surgically induced menopause and may have hot flashes. D. The uterus and fallopian tubes were removed, and she will not experience “hot flashes. [Show More]

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