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NURSING_Basic Care of the Newborn Work Sheet: Critical teaching points and common questions: Bathing, Skin Care, Clothing, Cord Care, Bulb Syringe, Diapering, Circumcision, AND Follow-up Care

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Basic Care of the Newborn Work Sheet: Critical teaching points and common questions Bathing (p. 493) When is the best time to bathe the baby?  Before a feeding to decrease risk of emesis related... to jostling during bathing What type of soap or lotion or powder should I use?  Use of a mild preservative-free soap that has a neutral pH is recommended to decrease risk of skin irritation How do I know if the water is warm enough?  Water should be between 90 F and 100 F -keep bath time short (5-10 minutes) to reduce heat loss How should I wash the baby’s face?  No soap on face -face should be cleaned after feedings with plain water How should I wash the diaper area?  Genitals and rectal areas should be cleaned at each diaper change with water or diaper wipes -wash front to back for female -elevate scrotum and cleanse area Skin Care (p. 499) How can I prevent my baby from getting a diaper rash? (diaper dermatitis)  -change diapers frequently, every 1 to 3 hours during the day and at least once during the night -cleanse infants bottom with water/disposable diaper wipes during each change What can I do if my baby gets a diaper rash? (diaper dermatitis)  -use petroleum or zinc oxide ointments during diaper changes (at 1st sign of rash) -avoid use of powders -avoid use of antibiotics ointments (can increase risk for allergic skin reactions) -expose infants bottom to air while sleeping -add a half cup of vinegar to rinse cy [Show More]

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