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IELTS: Intermediate Professions and the Workplace Vocabulary Set 3

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IELTS: Intermediate Professions and the Workplace Vocabulary Set 3-1. agenda (noun) A plan or list of items that should be done. 2. bookseller (noun) A person who sells books for a living. 3. ce... rtification (noun) The action of giving someone a certificate that officially proves something. 4. curator (noun) One responsible for organising, exhibiting and overseeing a cultural institution such as a museum or gallery. 5. economist (noun) An expert who deals with economics and other related fields. 6. florist (noun) An individual who prepares and sells flowers 7. mechanic (noun) A person who is tasked with the maintenance and repair of machines. 8. operator (noun) A person who works controlling machinery. 9. operator (noun) A person who works on a telephone company making an receiving calls. 10. physicist (noun) A professional whose occupation specialises in the field of physics 11. producer (noun) A person, factory, or business that manufactures goods or grows something. 12. professional (noun) A person who is skilled and knowledgeable at a job. 13. professional (adjective) Relating to a specific job or activity one is paid for and has a high level of skill in. 14. promotion (noun) The advancement of an employee to a better posi- tion. 15. sales (noun) The occupation of selling products or the part of a company that deals in selling products. [Show More]

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