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IELTS: Intermediate Failure and Success Vocabulary Set 3

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IELTS: Intermediate Failure and Success Vocabulary Set 3-1. achievement (noun) An accomplishment gained through hard work. 2. ahead of the game (idiom/phrase) To be more advanced in an ar... ea or activity when compared to peers. 3. attainment (noun) The act of achieving a goal. 4. be on the rocks (idiom/phrase) To have a hard time and have a high pos- sibility of failure. 5. certificate (noun) A document that officially proves something is true. 6. challenge (noun) Something that is not easy to do or achieve and requires more effort, skill, or knowledge than usual. 7. compete (verb) To strive to outdo someone or something else. 8. dilemma (noun) A difficult situation with multiple possibilities and where it's required a unique decision. 9. excellence (noun) One's quality of being superior and excellent. 10. failure (noun) Something or somebody that is destined not to succeed. 11. failure (noun) Something that is in a state of not working properly. 12. fulfil (verb) To satisfy set rules or criteria. 13. mistake (verb) To make an incorrect choice, often with negative consequences. 14. persist (verb) To carry on; to continue to exist. 15. promise (noun) Signs of future success. 16. recognition (noun) The act of recognising or being recognised; seeing and understanding. 17. recognition [Show More]

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