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Paramedic FISDAP Final Questions and Answers 100% Pass

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1. A 30 year old climber is experiencing sever shortness of breath after reaching an elevation of 12000feet. The PT is very anxious and has rales noted to all quadrants but is otherwise healt... hy. He is not accustomed to high altitudes. What should you do? ✔✔Administer oxygen while descending to a lower altitude. 2. A 26 year old female does not respond to verbal stimuli but moans in response to pain. A friend states the patient has ingested approx 150 amitriptyline tables. Vital Signs are BP 88/50 R16. You establish IV access and administer a fluid challenge. En route to the hospital her ECG shows a widening QRS. You should administer ✔✔Sodium Bicarbonate. 3. You PT experienced trauma yesterday and you are transferring her to a larger facility. She has been experiencing progressive hypoxia. You notice coarse crackles in all lung fields on ventilation. Vital signs are BP 90/50 and SPO2 90%. You should ✔✔Transport emergency and continue ventilation. 4. An alert 22 year old male was just disentangled from debris in a house collapse. He denies head or neck pain, but complains of server hip pain. Vital signs are BP 88/40. P120 R 16 you should administer. ✔✔sodium bicarbonate [Show More]

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