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ATI Leadership and Community health Capstone post assessment Questions and Answers (2021)

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ATI Leadership and Community health Capstone post assessment Questions 1. A nurse is caring for a client newly diagnosed with pertussis. What is one(1) intervention the nurse will incorpora... te in the plan of care. 2. A client threaten to leave the hospital against medical advice and the nurse notes that this is the client's right. In addition to having the client sign an Against Medical Advice form, what is the nurse's priority action? 3. A client newly admitted with abdominal pain ask the nurse to explain how their blood test indicating that they are positive for helicobacter pylori has to do with their abdominal pain. How should the nurse respond? 4. A nurse manager is preparing for a performance appraisal review for an employee who has been identified as substandard. Describe the process of conducting a performance appraisal review and when disciplinary action is necessary. 5. A committee of nurse have been task with reviewing an increase in central line infections on their unit. Explain the process that they should follow. 6. A nurse is preparing discharge for a client that has been diagnosed with stage 4 terminal lung cancer. The client has chosen to pursue palliative care. Describe the nurse's responsibility regarding discharge planning. 7. A nurse enter the room of the client that insist that they need to smoke a cigarette immediately. Explain how the nurse can use the technique of collaboration to resolve this conflict. 8. How are benchmarks used in the evaluation of health care quality? Provide an example of using an evaluation of health care quality review. 9. During the admission assessment a client informs the nurse that they utilize essential oils and acupuncture as part of their health routine. What is the nurse's responsibility regarding this information? 10. Risk for violent behavior can be identified using the epidemiological triangle's 3 components: Hosts, Agent and Environment. Provide an example of each factor that can influence violent behavior. 11. The nurse knows that health care beliefs can originate from different cultural practices. Define the following belief types: Biomedical, naturalistic, and magico-religious. 12. The community health nurse is speaking to a men's civic group about health promotion for men. The question is posed regarding how and when to properly perform testicular self-examination (TSE). What information should the nurse provide to the group? [Show More]

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