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CS Publishing Inc. Foreign Exchange Risk Management, By Stephen Sapp (Case Notes Answer with Free Case File)

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A medium-sized Canadian provider of specialized educational products and services, Canada Specialization Providers (CSP), has a subsidiary, CS Publishing Inc. (CSPub), which sells specialty learning ... materials around the world. Although CSP’s costs and revenues are almost exclusively in Canadian dollars and its subsidiary, CSPub, has most of its costs in Canadian dollars, CSPub also has a large and growing revenue base in other currencies. Upon consolidation, this means that CSP is exposed to different currencies through CSPub. Although the foreign currency values are currently relatively minor, CSPub is in the process of a large global expansion that will expose both CSPub and its parent, CSP, to new sources of currency risk. In March 2019, the director of CSPub must clarify the company’s current and expected future exposures to currency risk and determine how these exposures might affect the parent company, CSP. She also needs to identify the processes that could help manage these future risks and decide which of these processes to implement, if any [Show More]

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