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Gilbert Lumer Company By Steven Rogers, Kenneth Cooper (Case Notes/ Answer with Free Case File)

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Evaluate the financial situation of Lumber. (20 points) a) Carry out some relevant ratios that will help you to understand the financial situation of the firm (days sales, days payable, days of inve... ntory…). Discuss your findings. Assumptions to homogenize our results: - For each year, calculate ratios with data as of 31-12. For example, for sales of 2012, do not take averages of sales between year 2012 and 2011, use the value of sales for 31-12-2012. - For daily values, assume the year has 365 days. Do not use 360 days. b) Carry out a Sources (origin) and Uses (application) of Funds Statement for the years 2011- 2013 (this is not a Cash Flow Statement). To do this, you need to evaluate the change in every item of the Balance Sheet from 2011 to 2013. Classify these changes into sources (increase of liability or decrease of asset) and uses (increase of asset or decrease of liability). Ignore 2012. Do a pie chart for sources and another one for uses. Discuss your finding [Show More]

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