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Marketing Twitter Competing as a Social Media Platform, By June Cotte, Ken Mark (Case Notes/ Answer with Free Case File)

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The social media platform Twitter was once a promising tool for individuals looking to broadcast short messages to a network, but its growth has stalled over the past few years. Twitter has been ecli... psed by other platforms such as Facebook, Snap Inc. (Snapchat), and LinkedIn. Unlike other social media platforms, Twitter limited its users’ messages to 140 characters. While this format served Twitter well in its early days, users looking for a more flexible way to interact with their friends turned to other platforms. Twitter is also known to be somewhat difficult to use, and this high barrier to entry seems to have limited its growth. Twitter’s situation is more serious than a superficial review might suggest. In 2016, Twitter seems to have net increasing monthly active users, but a closer look reveals that it is losing upward of 78 million users a year—proportionately more than the rate experienced by Facebook and other platforms. Potential acquirers have not continued to pursue it, and the market seems to have concluded that Twitter is an unattractive property—that new developments have passed it by. Observers have speculated that potential acquirers are concerned about the significant amount of stock-based compensation Twitter pays out in an effort to retain talent [Show More]

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