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Martha McCaskey, By Bart J. Van Dissel, Joshua D. Margolis (Case Notes/ Answer with Free Case File)

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The “Martha McCaskey” case (HBS Case No. 403-114) focuses on a pivotal moment early in the career of a star consultant. Just 18 months after completing her MBA, Martha McCaskey confronts an ethi... cal crisis. She works for the Industry Analysis Division of Seleris Associates (a disguised name of a consulting firm) doing competitive intelligence, and she has been assigned to a particularly challenging and important case, nicknamed Silicon 6. One of the consulting firm’s oldest and most lucrative clients, a high-technology company, seeks information about the cost structure of a competitor’s microchip. McCaskey is assigned to the case because of her outstanding track record, which has thus far set the standard for performance in the firm. Unearthing information about the competitor’s cost structure proves difficult, except for one lead, Phil Devon, an independent consultant who worked for the client’s competitor 12 years earlier and recently helped set up a new microchip manufacturing facility for another company in Europe. McCaskey feels uneasy about acquiring information from Devon and has not divulged to him the true reason for her inquiry [Show More]

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