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Wendy's Capitalizing on Emerging Social Media Trends, By Fabrizio Di Muro (Case Notes /Answer with Free Casae File)

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Wendy’s is the world’s third-largest fast-food chain, with approximately 6,500 locations. Historically, the company has been innovative. On the product side, the company offers the Frosty, a uniq... ue dessert that is a cross between a milkshake and ice cream. Furthermore, Wendy’s created a value menu about a decade before its competitors did, and also offers a secret menu.1 With regard to promotion, the company’s past campaigns have included the “Where’s the beef?” ads in the mid-1980s, the subsequent “Dave” ads that aired from the late 1980s to the early 2000s,2 and the “Now that’s better” ads, which often starred Morgan Smith Goodwin as “Wendy” Thomas (founder Dave Thomas’s daughter) from 2012 to 2016.3 More recently, Wendy’s innovativeness has reached new levels with social media promotions, particularly regarding the social media platform Twitter. In addition to using Twitter to provide customer support and to advertise its products in an online setting – two traditional activities conducted by many businesses on Twitter – Wendy’s has also used the platform regularly to roast (that is, make fun of,) users, and its competitors, and also respond to teasing and other playful challenges issued by Twitter users.4 Evaluating the company’s Twitter strategy proved difficult, however. How could Todd A. Penegor, Wendy’s chief executive officer, determine whether the company’s approach on Twitter positively affected sales? How could he improve the company’s future social media strategy? [Show More]

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