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Which term below best describes a state of tension within a person usually caused by a lack of something? 
 A. Alpha press B. Motive C. Beta press D. Need Larsen - Chapter 11 #1 2. From a the... oretical point of view, motives are like dispositions in that 
 A. people differ from one another in terms of type and strength of motives. B. differences between people are measurable. C. differences in motives are associated with important life outcomes. D. All of these. Larsen - Chapter 11 #2 3. Motives satisfy needs with 
 A. thoughts and fantasies. B. behaviors. C. thought, fantasies, and behaviors. D. None of these. Larsen - Chapter 11 #3 4. Motivational psychologists ask which of the following questions? 
 A. What are people like? B. What do people want? C. What do people do? D. Why do people like what they like? Larsen - Chapter 11 #4 5. Which term best describes an internal state that arouses and directs behavior toward specific objects or goals? 
 PSYB30 FINAL TESTBANKS A. Need B. Desire C. Motive D. Press Larsen - Chapter 11 #5 6. Which of these psychologists was the first to develop a modern theory of motivation? 
 A. Rogers B. Maslow C. Murray D. McClelland Larsen - Chapter 11 #6 7. Henry Murray assumed that needs varied 
 A. over time. B. by situation. C. between people. D. All of these. Larsen - Chapter 11 #7 8. Henry Murray was a _____ before turning to work on motivation. 
 A. physician, embryologist, and biochemist B. lawyer C. entrepreneur D. priest Larsen - Chapter 11 #8 9. According to Murray, people might purposely increase tension 
 A. only if they suffered from mental illness. B. because they wanted attention from others. C. because the process of reducing tension can be pleasurable. D. None of these. PSYB30 FINAL TESTBANKS Larsen - Chapter 11 #9 10. The idea that people have different levels of different needs is know as 
 A. the hierarchy of needs. B. press. C. motive constellations. D. the need tree. Larsen - Chapter 11 #10 11. Why do we think of motives as dynamic? 
 A. Levels decrease with age. B. Gender differences have been found on some motives. C. Motives interact with one another within a person. D. Everyone has at least two motives. Larsen - Chapter 11 #11 12. Murray's list included _____ needs. 
 A. three B. five C. eight D. more than 10 Larsen - Chapter 11 #12 13. The act of interpreting the environment and perceiving the meaning of what is going on in a situation is termed 
 A. integration. B. apperception. C. self-actualization. D. motivation [Show More]

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