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AQA A-level PSYCHOLOGY Paper 1 Introductory topics in psychology JUNE 2022

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Section A Social influence Answer all questions in this section. box 0 1 Which factors affecting minority influence are illustrated by the following examples? For each example, writ... e the correct factor in the space provided. [3 marks] Members of a religious group give up their Saturday mornings to distribute leaflets about the importance of worship. An environmental group acknowledges that recycling can be time-consuming while emphasising its importance for the future of the planet. All of the members of the ‘Flat Earth Society’ agree that the Earth is flat and not round. Name one explanation of resistance to social influence. [1 mark] 0 3 A teacher was absent and left work for students to complete during the lesson. Some students in the class did not do the work their teacher had left for them. Use one possible explanation of resistance to social influence to explain why this happened. [4 marks] [Show More]

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