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Progression: Field Tech V -VI Conventional Latest 2023 Already Passed Toll free numbers -✔✔ Allows customer to offer toll-free access to callers call triggers an inquiry from the local telepho... ne switch to a large database which translates the number into the actual 10 digit number so the call can be routed and completed Automated attendant -✔✔ A virtual switchboard operator that directs incoming callers to appropriate extension Automatic call distribution -✔✔ A process of distributing numerous incoming calls to a specific group of terminals callers are greeted by an automated message that notifies them they will be placed on hold until someone is available Roll over -✔✔ Allows incoming calls when faced with a busy line to roll to the next number until it finds a line that is available Hunting -✔✔ Allows multiple numbers to act as a single group and incoming calls will find an available line within that group Conference call -✔✔ Links multiple parties into a single conversation Call Transfer -✔✔ Allows incoming calls to be transferred to either an external or internal number Call forward -✔✔ Allows customer to forward the phone to another phone number Call return -✔✔ Supplies the number of the last caller an option of automatically calling the party back Call waiting -✔✔ Notifies a telephone user another incoming calls waiting to be answered this is typically provided by a short tone on the phone or by use of a caller ID feature Caller ID -✔✔ Notifies the telephone in use of the name or phone number of an incoming caller Call screening -✔✔ Automatically routes selected incoming numbers to a message that states calls are not being accepted at this time Call block -✔✔ Provides the ability to block select the types of incoming calls 3-way calling -✔✔ Allows parties to converse at the same time during session user can place one of the parties on hold to speak to the other privately Speed dial -✔✔ Allows programming of phone numbers for a fast one digit dialing [Show More]

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