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NCTI Field Tech 2 to 3 Questions and Answers Graded A

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NCTI Field Tech 2 to 3 Questions and Answers Graded A What is one reason why broadband cable operators install fiber optic cables in stages instead of changing the infrastructure all at once -✔�... �� Changing the infrastructure all at once would cause too many service disruptions What is the difference between FTTN and FTTC -✔✔ FTTC is allowed a smaller number of RF amplifiers between the optical fiber and the customer premises Which of these components is used in a PON(Passive Optical Network) -✔✔ Optical Splitters Which type of Star topology used in a PON(Passive Optical Network) places the PON splitters into FATS(Fiber Access Terminals) located deep in the network and closer to the customer premises than the centralized split -✔✔ Distributed Star Which element of a PON(Passive Optical Network) uses a Bragg grating filter -✔✔ OLT(Optical Line Terminal) Which element of a PON(Passive Optical Network) uses Patch Panels -✔✔ ODN(Optical Distribution Network) What is it about Radio Frequency over Glass(RFoG) that made broadband cable operators envision using it to make a seamless transition from the legacy hybrid/fiber coax(HFC) architecture over to a gigabit-capable passive optical network (GPON) or Ethernet passive optical network (EPON) -✔✔ RFoG can operate in parallel with GPON or EPON, which eliminates the need for any downtime during the transition How are optical splitters used in the forward path -✔✔ In the forward path, optical splitters are used as passive branching devices that divide an optical signal across multiple output fibers Which of the following describes a fiber pigtail -✔✔ Fiber-optic cable with pre-connectorized ends Heat Shrink tubing is installed over the fusion-splice to strengthen and protect it. When should the heat shrink be installed on the fiber -✔✔ Before stripping the plastic coating from the fiber Which of the following is a method for controlling expectations -✔✔ focus on the bigger picture rather than smaller tasks Which of the following best describes stereotyped thinking -✔✔ Presuming that all members of a group have certain characteristics The attribute of being "active" as a critical thinker means -✔✔ You observe and take notes relevant to the issue What kind of reasoning is described as applying a general statement that you know to be true to a new situation -✔✔ Deductive It is essential to pay attention to warning signs of stress overload. Poor attitude is one of the behaviors that may indicate that you are overstressed. What are the symptoms of poor attitude behavior -✔✔ A significant change in attitude with a noticeable movement toward negative, hostile, cynical, or paranoid thoughts You are at a customer's house and you are asking the customer whether the problem is intermittent or constant. Which step are you using from the six-step troubleshooting process -✔✔ Identifying the problem [Show More]

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