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Readiness Exam 2 Questions And Answers 2023

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A 6 year old reportedly fell off the bed, you note burns and bruises on the back of diff colors what should you do? - Interview, the child, asking the location of the parents during the event. A CP... R patient has a tracheostomy. You should? - Ventilate through tracheostomy through via BVM. A 7 year old child was struck by an automobile, you note contusion to the right chest and a right lower fracture with arterial bleeding, your treatment should include? - apply direct pressure to the arm, apply long Backboard, o2 while transporting an oxygen dependent patient on 4lpm, his respiratory decreases to 8 BPM, you should? - ventilate via-BVM What should you do before defibrillating a patient who has a nitroglycerin patch? - remove patch a 54yo male was playing basketball when he developed a crushing pain with associated shortness of breath. He sat down and his symptoms went away five minutes later. These symptoms best described? - Angina pectoris a 40 year old male was found confused wandering around. Vital signs are B/P 90/60, P140,R30 and shallow, skin hot and dry. You should suspect? - heat stroke A 34 year old was found unconscious at the bottom of stairs, you note dark purple, blue, and yellowish bruising across his back and minor laceration, you should first be concerned about a/an - injury to neck A 23yo has been getting more disoriented and nauseous, he is thirsty and complaining of ab pain. Vital signs are BP 130/90 P110, R24. You should expect: - hyperglycemia Which of the following marks the difference between preeclampsia and eclampsia? - the onset of seizure A belted patient was involved in rollover vehicle crash. She is responsive to pain. Vital signs are BP 95/70, P60, R23 and an uninjured passenger tells you that sh had her appendix take out 3 months ago, which leads to suspect internal bleeding? - mechanism of injury You respond to a cardiac call by and find a bystander performing CPR on a 5yo, confirming the patient is pulseless and apneic and your partner continues CPR. NO PEDIATRIC PADS only adult... - perform CPR apply adult follow prompt A 40yo sweating and complaining of mild chest discomfort and SOB 15 after exercising. You should suspect? - acute myocardial infarction An occlusive dressing should be used to quickly seal any open wound to the? - abdomen A 54yo male was involved in a car crash and has a large open neck wound. You should dress this wound with an? - occlusive dressing Which of the following signs would you expect in a patient with a stab wound on the right side of the chest? - increased respiratory effort An unresponsive male has a weak and rapid pulse with deep, rapid respirations. His skin is warm and dry and his breath smells like nail polish remover, you should suspect? - diabetic emergency Your patient is unconscious. The nurse states on scene "the patient is bradycardia, please attach your AED and transfer rapidly. What should you do? - assess the patients breathing and pulse You have delivered 2 shocks with the defibrillator. Your patients now has a pulse and BP is 80/40. He remains apneic. What should you do? - continue ventilation and transport You are treating a patient in cardiac arrest at a loud outdoor concert, you are waiting transport and have shocked your patient five times. The AED is recommending another shock you shoud? - administer the shock Which of the following is TRUE regarding the use of a flow restricted oxygen powered device? - It can cause significant lung damage if used improperly A man inhaled poison. What should you do? - apply high concentrated o2 A 17 yo female anxious after breaking up with her BF. She says she is dizzy and has numbness and tingling around her mouth, she is tachypneic and tachycardia. You should? - tell her to stop breathing fast [Show More]

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