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D220 Informatics with complete solutions 2023-2024 latest version100%!

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American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) - **Authorized INCENTIVE PAYMENTS to specific types of hospitals & healthcare professionals for adopting & using interoperable Health Information Technolo... gy and EHR's. The purposes of this act include the following: (1) To preserve/create jobs and promote economic recovery. (2) To assist those most impacted by the recession. (3) To provide investments needed to increase economic efficiency by spurring technological advances in science and health. (4) To invest in transportation, environmental protection, and other infrastructure that will provide long-term economic benefits. (5) To stabilize state and local government budgets, in order to minimize and avoid reductions in essential services and counterproductive state and local tax increases. AHQR (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality) - Produced evidence making healthcare safer, improve quality, accessibility and affordability Asynchoronous Applications - No contact with patient for data collection. EX: Remote pt monitoring, Using health technologies to share health metrics and data w/ providers. STORE & FORWARD APPS (ex: photos) Administrative Information System - can include registration and scheduling; tracking through admission, transfer and discharge; patient acuity and staff scheduling; financial or accounting systems; risk management; payroll and human resources; quality assurance; and contract management functions. Affordable Care Act - law passed in 2010 to expand access to insurance, address cost reduction and affordability, improve the quality of healthcare, and introduce the Patient's Bill of Rights, increasing the number of insured persons. Alarm Fatique - Becoming desensitized to patient care alarms and missing or delaying their response to the alarm. ANA (American Nurses Association) - Professional organization for all RNs. Concerned with licensure, collective bargaining and education Analytics - A term describing the extensive use of data, statistical and quantitative analysis, explanatory and predictive models, and fact-based management to drive decisions and actions. Audit trail - a report that traces who has accessed electronic information, when information was accessed, and whether any information was changed Authentication - A method for confirming users' identities Authorization - The process of giving someone permission to do or have something Barcode Scanning Technology - Scans drug and patients wristband to verify medication order, inventory control, + pt identification, correct med admin Big Data - a collection of large, complex data sets, including structured and unstructured data, which cannot be analyzed without the use of information technology Bioinformatics - application of mathematics and computer science to store, retrieve, and analyze biological data Biometrics - the identification of a user based on a physical characteristic, such as a fingerprint, iris, face, voice, or handwriting Business Continuity Plan - A plan for how an organization will recover and restore partially or completely interrupted critical function(s) within a predetermined time after a disaster or extended disruption Business Intelligence - Information collected from multiple sources such as suppliers, customers, competitors, partners, and industries that analyzes patterns, trends, and relationships for strategic decision making Change Control Board (CCB) - A committee that evaluates the worthiness of a proposed change and either approves or rejects the proposed change. Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) - The senior manager (usually a registered nurse with advanced education and extensive experience) responsible for administering patient care services Clinical Care Classification (CCC) - "Two interrelated taxonomies, the CCC of Nursing Diagnoses and Outcomes and the CCC of Nursing Interventions and Actions, that provide a standardized framework for documenting patient care in hospitals, home health agencies, ambulatory care clinics, and other healthcare settings" CPOE (Computerized Physician Order Entry) - An order entry and decision support system that allows direct entry of orders and immediately shared w/ others Change Management - The process, tools and techniques that help people implement changes to achieve a desired outcome. (Supports the adoption of a medication Administration System) Change Control - Helps to prioritize limited resources and ensures system standards are upheld. Connected health - a model of health care delivery using technology to provide services including information and education. Technology assisted healthcare is delivered between at least 2 points involving either asynchronous or synchronous exchange. Consumer Health Informatics - Use of electronic info & communication to improve medical outcomes & healthcare decision making from pt perspective. Patient view and structures and process that enable consumer to manage their own care. Clinical Research Informatics - Discovery and management of new knowledge pertinent to health and disease from clinical trials via secondary data use. C-CDA (Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture) - Allows interoperability of health information exchange between to hospitals. 21st Century Cures Act - designed to help accelerate medical product development and bring new innovations and advances to patients who need them faster and more efficiently. Provisions that will improve workflow & exchange of electronic info. ONC (responsible for implementing) seamless & secure access, exchange and use of electronic health info. 5 rights of clinical decision support - Right information Right person Right intervention format Right channel Right time in workflow Clinical Informatics - concentration on the delivery of timely, safe, effective , EB and pt centered care. C - Clinical Decision Support System - A special subcategory of clinical information systems that is designed to help healthcare providers make knowledge-based clinical decisions Ex: Alerts for abnormal VS, labs results, med contraindications, screenings, standing orders, reminders in EHR ect... Clinical Information Systems - Ex: May be specific to certain departments. Lab, radiology, pharm(Both), or particular pt population. Functions may include order entry, results reporting, scheduling and documentation. [Show More]

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