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FAS RBS Exam 42 Questions with Verified Answers,100% CORRECT

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FAS RBS Exam 42 Questions with Verified Answers 3 components of Corp culture - CORRECT ANSWER 1- principle objective 2-corporate character 3- mgmt systems Principle objective - CORRECT ANSWER... We will exceed our customers' expectations to maximize the long term value of Cintas for its shareholders and working partners. FAS Mission Statement - CORRECT ANSWER Triple Double: Double digit revenue growth, double digit net profits, double digit net profit growth 3 Components of our Safety Vision - CORRECT ANSWER 1- Every Cintas location is injury free 2- All partners are engaged in continuously improving safety 3- Cintas is recognized as a world class leader in safety and health performance 5 Keys to Smith Driving - CORRECT ANSWER 1- Aim high in steering 2- Get the big picture 3- Keep your eyes moving 4- Leave yourself an out 5- Make sure they see you Steps to the sales process - CORRECT ANSWER Step 1- pre call plan Step 2- Building Rapport Step 3- Tour Step 4- Presentation Step 5- Close Steps to pre call plan - CORRECT ANSWER Step 1- Pre call plan form Step 2- Samples/relevant literature Step 3- Dynamics info Steps to building rapport - CORRECT ANSWER Step 1- Set the Agenda Step 2- uncover bo/bm Step 3- ask program specific qs Step 4- validate the dm and process Step 5- +/- bias Step 6- Cintro Steps to tour - CORRECT ANSWER Step 1- Focus Step 2- Evidence Step 3- Agreement Step 4- PONC Step 5- Requirement Steps to Presentation - CORRECT ANSWER Step 1- Review requirements Step 2- Present Cintas Uniqueness Step 3- SAFE Steps to Close- - CORRECT ANSWER Step 1- Ask for business Step 2- Handle Objections Step 3- Referrals Sustained Success Model Components - CORRECT ANSWER New pres x closing ration x average account size Sustained success inputs - CORRECT ANSWER New presentations- phone block, get referrals, ssr lead contest Closing ratio- one on one debriefs, training meetings, field rides Average account size- sell bundled packages, targets, account size S.A.F.E - CORRECT ANSWER S= Single source solution A= Adaptable programs F= five star service E= exclusive partnerships Color that corresponds to the first aid cabinet - CORRECT ANSWER Emergency: Red- ice pack Bandages: Green- 1x3 bandages Burn: Orange- burn spray Eye- teal- eyewash productivity- pink- dental relief topical- purple- antiseptic wipe tablets- blue- anti-acid Eyewash stations - CORRECT ANSWER Should be within 10 feet/10 seconds distance Training - CORRECT ANSWER instructor led, online, smt, and dvds are major sources of blended training solution Safety Center - CORRECT ANSWER by purchase, service agreement, and the give to get program. Summit club - CORRECT ANSWER quarterly achievement with it designed for the top 40% of sales partners Presidents club - CORRECT ANSWER Annual achievement for the top 15% of sales partners Diamond Level - CORRECT ANSWER annual achievement for the top 3-5% of sales partners ANI standard for safety glasses - CORRECT ANSWER Z87.1 VLT - CORRECT ANSWER Visual light transmission Class G hard hats - CORRECT ANSWER General use OSHA regulation for first aid - CORRECT ANSWER 1910.151 Safety director - CORRECT ANSWER the Cintas brand for safety products Partners in FAS leadership - CORRECT ANSWER President- Jay Bruscasto VP of Sales- Jim Bunkers NE Sales Director- Beth Barney SE Sales Director- Carrie Stokes North Central Sales Director- Rod Mullen Central Sales Director- Shane McCartney West Sales Director- Alecia Farmer Grantham RBS NE- RBD SE- Ray Cronin RBD North Central- Kyle Wunderlich RBD Central- Todd Searing RBD West- Jim Peters Ready for the workday key elements - CORRECT ANSWER 1- Deeper know-how 2- Caring Service Core Corporate Characteristics - CORRECT ANSWER Competitive urgency, positive discontent, professionalism, safety, and high ethical standards 5 parts of diversity and inclusion - CORRECT ANSWER 1- Partner engagement- focus on recruiting, retaining, and developing partners 2- Supplier diversity- purchasing the good and services we need from a variety of businesses 3- Corporate citizen- captures our commitment to the communities for which we serve 4- Multicultural marketing- provides the support needed to service current and potential customers 5- Governance- keeps Cintas in good standing with governmental agencies , such as equal opportunity commission and US dept of labor Parts of fall protection - CORRECT ANSWER 1- harness 2- lanyard 3- anchor point 5 Cintas leadership skill - CORRECT ANSWER 1- Visionary leadership 2- Motivational leadership 3- Challenging leadership 4- Management of change 5- Executive acumen 7 Staples of training - CORRECT ANSWER 1- FA/CPR/AED- 2 year certification 2- BBP Training- 1 year certification 3- Forklift Training- 3 year certification 4- Fire extinguisher- annual 5- Fit testing- annual 6- Hearing- annual 7- Hazcom- initial hire and when new chemical is added Stock Symbol - CORRECT ANSWER CTAS Cross sell partners - CORRECT ANSWER Luigi, Ryan, Rochelle, Teresa, Taylor Captains - CORRECT ANSWER Tina and Amanda JJ Keller Rep Name - CORRECT ANSWER Heidi Otto Class B requirements fill list - CORRECT ANSWER Adhesive bandage, adhesive tape, antibiotic treatment, antiseptic treatment, breathing barrier, burn dressing, burn treatment, cold pack, eye covering, 4 oz eyewash, first aid guide, sterile pads, roller bandage 2", roller bandage 4", 4 pairs medical gloves, hand sanitizer, scissors, splint, tourniquet, trauma pad, triangular bandage. Dials per hour - CORRECT ANSWER 22 dials, 17-19 appts, 10 appts per phone block, 5 new customers a week PONC - CORRECT ANSWER Price of non conformance VPP - CORRECT ANSWER Voluntary protection program BO/BM - CORRECT ANSWER BO- growth, safety, profit BM- Compliance, time, consolidation [Show More]

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