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QAC Laws Questions and Answers 2023 Rated A+

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QAC Laws Questions and Answers 2023 Rated A+ Which of the following has the greatest influence on the safety of pesticide application -✔✔ Altitude, skill and knowledge of the applicator Exp... osure to which of the following pesticides will make your cholinesrates go down -✔✔ Organophosphate and methlycarbamate compounds In the use of a product is governed by supplemental labeling what should the pesticide dealer make sure of -✔✔ That the supplemental labeling is delivered along with the product when it is purchased Before using a material for research that is not registered in California you must first obtain -✔✔ A research authorization What kind of pesticides in the production of agricultural commodities requires a closed system for employees who mix and load -✔✔ All liquid pesticides labeled danger Which type of pesticide has caused the most work related injuries -✔✔ Organophosphates When feeling pesticides spray equipment with water the feeling device must have either an air gap between itself and the filling tank or -✔✔ Approved backflow prevention device Extra coveralls are required at the mix and load site for which of the following -✔✔ Only category 1 & 2 pesticides Unused portions of pesticides are best stored in -✔✔ Their original container Which of the telephone number should be posted on your telephone in case there is a pesticide poisoning incident at work -✔✔ The closest emergency medical centre When spraying pesticides regulations require that warning signs be posted at -✔✔ Only where pesticides are being stored that have the signal words danger or warning Which of the following is a certified commercial applicator -✔✔ An agricultural pest control pilot Normally, how many hours before applying a restricted use pesticide must a notice of intent be filed with the County Ag Commissioner -✔✔ 24 hours describes the term adjuvant -✔✔ Something that is added to the pesticide mixture after the material is mixed with water, that makes the pesticide behave in a certain way When pesticide containers are triple rent the rent solution should be poured into what? -✔✔ Into a spray tank When applying most pesticides the best way to avoid breathing toxic vapors is to use a -✔✔ Chemical or certridge respirator What are the major problems associated with organophosphates -✔✔ Extremely toxic to people What kinds of pesticides in the production of agricultural commodities requires a closed system for employees to mix and load -✔✔ All liquid pesticides labeled danger Permit to buy a restricted use pesticide are obtained from the County __ __________ -✔✔ Ag commissioner When a mixture of two organophosphate pesticides are applied the restricted entry interval is -✔✔ The longer of the two restricted entry intervals plus 1\2 of the shorter [Show More]

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