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Laws and Regulations for QAC Exam Questions and Answers 2023 Rated A+

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Laws and Regulations for QAC Exam Questions and Answers 2023 Rated A+ What is FIFRA Section 3? -✔✔ General Pesticide Product Registration - run of the mill pesticide labeling production Wha... t is FIFA Section 18? -✔✔ Emergency Exemptions from Registration - this authorizes the EPA to allow unregistered use of pesticides if necessary conditions exist. This generates a pesticide use label similar to a Section 3 Label. What is FIFRA Section 24 (generally)? -✔✔ Authority of States What is FIFRA Section 24(c) -✔✔ Special Local Need registration - gives the state the right to expand the use of REGISTERED pesticides within their jurisdiction - this generates a pesticide label with SLN and the State Code included What is a Supplemental Label? -✔✔ Any added information about the pesticide that accompanies the product but is not directly part of the container. Ex. Section 18 and 24c labels, MSDSs, Treatment Schedules. What are the 8 permitted label deviations? -✔✔ 1. Decrease in rate per unit treated 2. Decrease in [C] 3. Increase in [C] (but not rate) as recommended from UC 4. Lower frequency 5. Use on unmentioned pest in included site. 6. Use of not prohibited method 7. Combining with another pesticide/fertilizer if not prohibited 8. Acceptable changes in PPE What is the difference between EPA Restricted-Use Pesticides and California Restricted Materials? -✔✔ California determines that the labeling instructions aren't enough and requires additional permit to use. Do you need a permit to use a Federal Restricted Use Pesticide that does not appear of the CA Restricted Materials List? -✔✔ No, but you must be a certified applicator. Non-Agricultural restricted use permits are a little less stringent than Agricultural restricted use permits. What is a main difference? -✔✔ Agricultural restricted use permits are required to be site and time specific. [Show More]

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