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Test bank Clinical Nursing Skills and Techniques 9th Edition Chapter 01: Using Evidence in Practice Perry et al.: Clinical Nursing Skills & Techniques, 9th Edition MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. Evidence-b... ased practice is a problem-solving approach to making decisions about patient care that is grounded in: a. the latest information found in textbooks. b. systematically conducted research studies. c. tradition in clinical practice. d. quality improvement and risk-management data. ANS: B The best evidence comes from well-designed, systematically conducted research studies described in scientific journals. Portions of a textbook often become outdated by the time it is published. Many health care settings do not have a process to help staff adopt new evidence in practice, and nurses in practice settings lack easy access to riskmanagement data, relying instead on tradition or convenience. Some sources of evidence do not originate from research. These include quality improvement and riskmanagement data; infection control data; retrospective or concurrent chart reviews; and clinicians’ expertise. Although non–research-based evidence is often very valuable, it is important that you learn to rely more on research-based evidence. DIF: Cognitive Level: Comprehension REF: Text reference: p. 2 OBJ: Discuss the benefits of evidence-based practice. TOP: Evidence-Based Practice KEY: Nursing Process Step: Assessment MSC: NCLEX: Safe and Effective Care Environment (management of care) 2. When evidence-based practice is used, patient care will be: a. standardized for all. b. unhampered by patient culture. c. variable according to the situation. d. safe from the hazards of critical thinking. ANS: C Using your clinical expertise and considering patients’ cultures, values, and preferences ensures that you will apply available evidence in practice ethically and appropriately. Even when you use the best evidence available, application and outcomes will differ; as a nurse, you will develop critical thinking skills to determine whether evidence is relevant and appropriate [Show More]

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