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1. Heparin patients what kinds of meds/stuff that brought from home would you remove? 2. Giving med to patient and known to increase preload, what outcome to expect? 3. Give med to patient tha... t cause vasoconstriction, what to watch for? 4. When hydrating patient quickly to increase blood volume, what changes would you see to patient? 5. Patient with CAD, examine results of lab tests? 6. When reviewing lab results, which finding is most concerning? 7. When teaching pt on elevated LDL and decrease HDL, patient ask goal on LDL and HDL? 8. If teaching the patient with elevated cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL and decrease HDL about strategies to manage, patient ask why there’s a different direction between HDL vs LDL? 9. Patient with elevated cholesterol, LDL, triglycerides, teaching about new diet therapy? 10. Niacin and aspirin prescribed on hyperlipidemic patient? 11. Patient on Lopid (gemfibrozil) and Crestor and reported muscle and joint pain, what will the nurse respond? 12. Beta adrenergic antagonist drug added to patients profile and with angina pectoris who is taking Norvasc, nurse identifies what assessment finding that represents goal therapy of the patient? 13. The patient has hx of HTN and chronic stable angina pectoris, which med can manage both condition? 14. Patient on verapamil to tx HTN and chronic stable angina pectoris, what drug can manage both condition? What the greatest adverse reaction that nurse would watch out for? 15. Patient on Lanoxin (slows and strengthens heart rate) and Cardizem, nurse recognizes findings on vital signs that tells an adverse reaction? 16. Angiotensin receptive blockers lowers BP by what mechanism? 17. By what mechanism of action does aldosterone antagonist drugs work to lower BP? 18. Nurse reviews list of meds, which med decrease BP by blocking receptors of aldosterone in the kidneys? 19. Patient with renal failure, question which medication? 20. Instruction on patient with newly prescribed HCTZ? 21. ER patient with hypertensive crisis, what med do you expect to give? 22. Patient w/ BP 200/120, ordered hydralazine, what is priority nursing intervention? 23. After patient teaching on patient taking HCTZ, how would you know patient teaching effective? 24. Priority intervention for patient with hydralazine? 25. Patient with HTN and heart failure and taking Procardia, what nurse will do in addition to assessment finding? 26. Patient on Vasotec/enalapril, number 1 adverse effect? 27. Patient with MI, prescribed with thrombolytic therapy, what is the goal of this therapy? 28. Assessment finding on patient with thrombolytic drug, what serious problem would be reported immediately? 29. Patient coughs and has difficulty breathing, diagnosed with heart failure, patient ask how can that be? 30. Physical assessment of patient with L side heart failure? 31. Education on patient with heart failure, effective teaching? 32. Assessment of DVT priority on patient? 33. Patient on heparin drip and noted with bloody NGT drainage and foleycath, ordered PTT stat and drawn on heparin protocol, result 240 secs? 34. Thrombotic stroke patient, team administers Activase, what patient statement would alert you to notify MD? 35. As completing physical assessment on patient on heparin for DVT, patient complains of severe lumbar pain? 36. Which drug will alter patient’s ability to recognize symptoms of hypoglycemia? 37. Patient on insulin IV route, which insulin will be administered? 38. Patient in ER with type 1 DM and in diabetic ketoacidosis, nurse prepares to administer? 39. Patient with confusion, sweating, and headache, and nurse suspects hypoglycemia, what is the next action? 40. Administering insulin to patient with NPH and regular? 41. S/sx of hypoglycemia? 42. Sulfonyreas such as Glucotrol and glyburide what do they do in the body? 43. What statement accurate about long term complications of DM? 44. Adolescent patient and blood glucose check and was 137, nurse response? 45. Patient with hypothyroidism would have which type of symptoms? 46. Patient has platelet transfusion, which one should be removed in the room? 47. Heart rate of 78, which node likely to produce the heart rate? 48. Patient’s cardiac output and listed at 5 L/min, how is it calculated? 49. Administering med that will increase preload, what is expected outcome? 50. Patient has atherosclerosis and HTN, what is true about cardiac output? 51. Administering dehydrated patient quick liter of IV fluids to increase blood volume, what will happen to V/S? 52. Giving beta adrenergic blood and added to drug regimen of patient and patient already taking Norvasc, nurse identifies which assessment finding related to mechanism of drug action? 53. Nurse gives verapamil and Digoxin (slows and strengthens the heart), which finding indicates ASE of this drug combination? 54. Effects of calcium channel blockers, nurse explains effect on patient on treating what disorder? 55. Digoxin and Cardizem, which finding is an ASE from combination? 56. Nurse advises patient who is on verapamil to avoid alcohol because combination increases what effect? 57. ARBs (angiotensin receptor blockers) lowers BP by what mechanism of action? 58. What is most common S/E from Lisinopril? 59. Patient with renal failure, question which medication? 60. Patient treated for acute renal failure, question which drug? 61. Patient with hypovolemia from renal failure, question which drug? 62. Patient with renal failure, which is an indication for diuretic therapy? 63. Caring for patient with brain tumor prescribed with mannitol, which lab represents ASE from the drug? 64. Lasix 40 mg IV, patient on complete bed rest, renal failure, and pulmonary edema, what is the most appropriate prior to giving Lasix? 65. Patient teaching on modifications for HTN, teaching effective when patient says? 66. Patient with HCTZ, effective teaching on which statement? 67. Patient on vasotec/enalapril (HTN) what is priority nursing intervention? 68. Patient on vasotec has ASE, what will nurse teach patient on ASE of vasotec? 69. Taking initial HX of patient admitted for HTN and given beta blocker, what is the most significant statement of patient? 70. Nurse review patient lab values, what is most concerning lab finding? 71. Patient with elevated cholesterol and triglycerides, needs dietary consult for which reason? 72. Giving patient niacin and aspirin for hyperlipidemic patient, what statement why this drug combination is given? 73. Patient taking Lopid and Crestor, and reported muscle and joint pain, what is nurse response? 74. Patient teaching on angina pain is effective when patient states? 75. Patient with angina and chest pain occurs at rest, which term will nurse use when documenting angina? 76. Nurse educator preparing in service to nurses, when discussing anti angina therapy what strategy will the educator include? 77. Preparing to give calcium channel blocker to angina patient, which mechanism of action is appropriate? 78. Patient with MI prescribed with thrombolytic therapy, nurse recognizes which goal of this therapy? 79. Completing medical history with heart failure, which disease associated with heart failure? 80. What kind of physical assessment to find on patient with L sided heart failure? 81. Patient with heart failure, how BP and HR can be high when heart is failing? 82. Educating patient with heart failure, what statement indicates understanding? 83. Patient with heart failure on Digoxin, what is the best teaching plan the nurse should include? 84. Patient prescribed on vasotec for heart failure, nurse assessment prior to treatment of drug? 85. Assessing for DVT, which patient would be a priority for a treatment of medication? 86. Thrombolytic patient? DM 87. Patient with DKA is prescribed IV insulin? 88. In which instance should nurse pull out dose of synthroid? 89. Effective patient teaching with H. pylori when patient states? 90. Which statement effective teaching when patient drinks 3L of fluids while trimethroprimsulfamethazole? 91. During pharmacology class, nursing professor verifies understanding of fluoroquinolones? [Show More]

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